If it is about letting go of negative emotions, creating more moments of happiness and feeling energized doing it, I can help you with that.

You have read the self-help books. You have attended workshops on personal transformation. And you have made changes in your life that are helping you.

Still, you find negative thoughts, sadness, procrastination, and moments of anxiety, stress and overwhelm taking over your life at times.

But you know that it is possible to live with joy in each moment (even if you doubt that sometimes) and just want to find a simple and effective way to live a happy, joyful life, day-to-day. (And do that even when life, work and family responsibilities pile up or when you are facing a transition or personal crisis).

If you see yourself in these words; if you resonate with it strongly, then dear one, you have been guided to the right place.

From this moment on, just allow yourself to relax. What you are feeling is part of being human and this is what the journey to peace is all about.

It is completely possible for you to change the negative patterns of the past and life each day excited to create your dreams. That is, because you have the power to respond to life, to choose your perceptions and take decisive action. You have all that you need within you.

I say this, because I have done it for myself (and am constantly doing it for myself) AND I have helped many women and men to do just that.

I am Sophia Ojha and my passion is to help women and men live happier lives.

I have spent the last 8 years studying both ancient wisdom traditions, the new age literature as well as modern scientific studies of the mind, especially positive psychology. I have trained under Debbie Ford and Carolyn Myss, read Deepak Chopra, Steven Covey, Eckhart Tolle and Thich Nhat Hanh. I studied the ancient Buddhist philosophy of Diamond-Cutter from the work of Geshe Michael Roach and about western mysticism from Carolyn Myss and Hank Wesselman.

But what has been my biggest teacher? Life. After experiencing a downward cycle of depressing emotions and lack of purpose, eight years ago, I helped myself to regain a new understanding of why I am here - my purpose in this life and how to help myself to be in a continuous state of joy. Helping myself with practices of meditation and mindfulness and yoga along with an evolving gratitude practice, I have overcome the darkest phase of my life. I now live each day with gratitude, self-love and acceptance. And I learn to do this each day, as there is always another level of joy to be experienced, it seems.

My life purpose is to be in a state of joy, express myself creatively, follow my heart while uplifting people and inspiring them to follow their hearts, to love and care for our planet and all her children.
— Sophia Ojha

I have found a way to combine my study and my personal experience for helping people to cultivate the art of happiness in their every day lives - regardless of what challenges they are facing. And that is what I help my students with. I share simple-to-implement strategies to generate positive emotions that each one of us can do to tap into the infinite source of light and love within each one of us (so we can be happy and successful by our own definitions).

+ I do this through my online programs, one-to-one coaching, blogs, videos and events.

+ I do this by sharing what I've learned and leading by example.

+ I do this by creating fun, inspirational experiences for my students.

+ and I do this by simplifying human knowledge into practical, easy-to-use systems.

When I am able to help just one person see the light and find a useful way to help her (or him) be happier, I know that I have done my job well. And when they write back to me that our interaction whether in person or through my writings and programs have made a difference for them, I feel so humbled and grateful. It is what a standing ovation must feel like to performers on stage.

Through my online training program, The Happiness Gameplan, I teach people powerful practices to generate happiness that combine the best tools I have found from my study of law of attraction, positive psychology, ancient wisdom traditions and most importantly my own personal journey.

So there you have it. This is why I am here: to help you live a simpler and happier life.


Our beloved friend, Minou! 

To learn more on how to say good-bye to those negative thoughts and create a life you simply love and adore, CLICK for Happiness Gameplan Online Program

If you would like to know more about my story, click for the Backstory.

And if you want to know why I chose the name Reflection Pond for my company and about the company's 7 foundational principles, read all about it here: ABOUT.

No matter what our journey has been, we just want to be loved, feel loved and know that we are leading a life of meaning — filled with joy and happiness while following our heart.
— Sophia Ojha

Tell Me About The Name Reflection Pond.

I am glad you asked.

I chose the name Reflection Pond for my website and my company for a very specific reason: the symbolism.

A pond, whether small or large, is still and quiet. It reflects the sky, the clouds, nearby trees or whatever is flying by. It reflects all. But it is not the sky. It is not the clouds. It is not the trees nearby or the bird that flies above it. It simply displays what is, never mistaking the objects with its true nature.

And what is its true nature?

Fluidity. Flow. Beauty. Wholeness. Timelessness. Love. Presence.

Now think of your mind and your life. You experience many things. Joy, sorrow, doubt, challenges. There are situations that are difficult and confusing. Perhaps your aims and ambitions are stressful and sometimes you feel scared and without the inner-fire to carry you.

All of these are objects in your life. They are experienced by you in the form of thoughts (and then in the form of feelings or emotions).

 But they are all like the sky, the clouds, the nearby trees. These things you experience is not you, but at times, we confuse them. We think they are who we are. We identify with the pain or the joy or the difficult situations.

However, if we can think of our minds as the witness to our life, just as the pond is the witness to the bird above it, we can reconnect with our true nature, our true power.

We can begin to stop judging and start accepting. We can begin to act from love, from wisdom, from compassion.

And we can be still like a pond.

Reflection Pond was born out of my desire to be at peace and follow what makes my heart happy. The symbolism of the name, Reflection Pond, is a powerful one. And it reminds me that it is by quieting our minds, by becoming a witness, we can act with compassion and purpose and live a life of peace.

This is the story behind the name Reflection Pond.

When we set clear, heart-centered intentions that have the intensity of focus and the vibration of gratitude to support them, we can create anything we want, in the highest good.
— Sophia Ojha

Some Foundational Principles of Reflection Pond.

At Reflection Pond, we hold these principles true:

1. We can design our lives to be peaceful, joyful, happy and harmonious.

2. We can do this by implementing simple, specific practices and tools passed down to us from the world's wisdom traditions and from the modern understanding of the human mind and human behavior.

3. Each one of us can make our lives light, loving and fulfilling. It is we who can do that. Change begins with us. Peace begins within.


4. By creating a peaceful, happy life, we are creating a powerful domino effect that contributes to peace on our planet, for our ecology and all the living beings in it as well as for future generations to come.

5. Our mind is powerful. By quieting our minds we can cultivate focus, learn to listen and trust to our inner voice and access the infinite source of love and wisdom from within.

6. Time spent in reflection, introspection and in nature is priceless.

7. We choose our reality by the seeds we sow.