Thank you to all the kind words you have said to me and Reflection Pond!

I am grateful for your kind words and testimonials!

Thank you this made a great difference for us ! - Eric Schwan

Really awesome! Helping with little manifestations and now going for big. - Lisseth Wertz viewer on youtube.

The most effective visualization meditation I've done thus far. - F. F. viewer on youtube.

Just wanted to let you know...once again, how much I enjoyed reading your last piece on "creating happiness". You are so good at motivating people to take action in improving their lives. Keep up the great work you do...using your god-given gift in helping people. It's invaluable to this world. - V.

Very good! Thank you! I had not expected this kind of experience. I am working with a counsellor on mindfulness, and this fit with it very well. - Peter S.

My experience was very similar to watching Yellow Submarine. I started with a migraine and ended with peace. - LS

I come to Sophia for the vivid imagery of her guided meditations.  The insights, the surreal beauty, and deep relaxation are rejuvenating.  When I have personal issues to deal with she is an open vessel that listens and empathizes before her gentle guidance ripples back an insightful response.  She always helps me get to that next level. - Rachael S.

Fantastic!!  Love it! - Kim Smith

Hello Reflection Pond! I wanted to send my gratitude to you on the first day of the new year. I just re-listened to dream manifestation and it was really perfect. Thank you for being such a blessing in 2012 and I look forward to future journeys. :) Namaste - Leah Kuhlman

How clever life is – I so needed this type of meditiation this morning. and there is was. It has helped me and will continue to help me as I struggle with a number of issues at this time. I am going to make myself a beautiful golden globe with colourful ribbons attached and suspend it over my desk. It will be the manifestation of all that this meditation has meant, and will mean for me in the future. - Bev.

As we went into the visualization the imagery and travel was like Alice in Wonderland, going down a rabbit hole, opening up into a flower garden, and eventually I found myself at my place. It was where I belonged, my true self, my high self. I've never forgotten that place or the imagery and it continues to affect me to this day. I know where I am going and I know that everything I do is towards my goal because I can feel that same feeling of arrival and accomplishment. My life has clear direction and purpose towards my future which feels as simple and tangible as a memory. - Rachael Shores, Asheville, NC

Thank you for bringing this into my life. When I got my first mail from Sophia I recognized that writing down things is really important for clarification! For me, it is essential to take the time and bring my objectives into focus. I enjoy getting clear about my intentions and to empower them during the I.M. process. Every meditation session provides an enrichment of my life and is a great experience for me. - Peter, 29, Germany

Focus is so powerful. The I.M. program is a key pillar to keep me focused and give me the confidence that what I focus on, for me, is the right thing to do. - Alex, USA

When I meditate in the morning, it really sets the mood for the day. Any obstacles that are thrown in my direction are easier to overcome with a clear mind. - Joy Kirk, Asheville, NC

I would really let problems and stress effect me. I have learned that all we need to do, as humans, is breathe. Just saying that to myself...really lets me relax and be happy. - Eric Barker,  Asheville, NC

Really enjoyed your Visualization for Manifesting Your Intention you posted on YouTube. It was just what I needed today. Thanks! - Celeste Clevenger

Thank you universe! I really needed this meditation today! - Michelle Snovak

Thank you for the beautiful gathering! - burnthesun, music band from Asheville, NC

Ah, I miss listening to your voice.  I'm so glad you made these recordings. - Rachael S.

Thank you so much for sending me the CD!! It came out great!!! I´m listening to it with my girlfriend right now, it´s so nice and calming listening to you and the wonderful music. What a great job of you guys. - Manuel M.

This is an excellent manifestation meditation! Thank you very much! - Ahawellness

What a touching video you have created once again. It is lovely and inspiring! You brought tears to my eyes with your sweetness and your sincerity and your message of hope and intention. Your workshop in December looks great. Go for it! Nice invitation to join in the event." -Paul Steinkoenig, Washington D.C. 

I loved the Sunday reflection for following the heart.  This was exactly what I needed to hear and this is exactly the message I want everyone I know to hear.  I want to put this some place where I can read it every day. Thanks for a great reminder. -Rachael Shores, Asheville, North Carolina

Vielen Dank fuer diese wunderbaren Worte und die Hommage zum Muttertag, liebe Sophia. Das tut gut.- Martina Lehner, Sardinia, Italy

I really enjoyed reading your newsletter "follow your heart"...really inspiring and so very true...thanks for bringing such wonderful insights into my life! Also, just wanted to let you know that as usual, I've enjoyed reading your recent newsletter "mighty flame". Thank you for sharing such insights! I'm going to keep telling myself that whenever I encounter a problem, I should see it as an opportunity for growth and for my own personal learning." - Asmita Barua, New York City

Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with the world! - The Wilhelm Brothers, Asheville, North Carolina

All Blog Posts Ever Written

Below are all the blog posts I've written, arranged by category. Let me know if you need help finding something. Just drop me a note under Contact.

Embrace introspection as way to deepen your inner-peace and happiness

Embrace introspection as way to deepen your inner-peace and happiness

I am all about training our mind to become an ally in our life because a trained, calm mind is a powerful thing. This may be the single most important skill that I have been introduced to in my life. And this skill is best refined through a meditation practice. But there's also something else for us.

Happiness Forecast: Part 1 Recap + Next Steps

Happiness Forecast: Part 1 Recap + Next Steps

The 10 videos + blog posts of the Happiness Forecast Series cover some of the key steps on our path away from frustration, anxiety, sadness and other energy pulling states of mind to a more relaxed, peaceful and happy state of mind. Too often we get so busy that we don't take a moment to reflect and review how we are thinking about our life. Taking a step back and asking some important and difficult questions can open up some doors where otherwise things looked stagnant and hopeless!

Let go of the need to know what happens tomorrow

Let go of the need to know what happens tomorrow

In our world, where planning for future projects and events is part of our everyday life, often stress begins to show up. We sweat over all the details so that we can design everything "perfectly". But no matter how much we plan and prepare, there is uncertainty in life. How to deal with this? In this video + article, I share with you why we need to let go of the need to know what happens tomorrow and how to accept the aspect of change that is part of our life.

Don't use your body to hurt yourself

Don't use your body to hurt yourself

We look in the mirror. See our body. And we think that is all of who we are. We notice a change in how we look. And we feel bad because we don't like it. This is causes you stress and takes you further from feeling at peace and happy. In this article + video episode of the Happiness Forecast, I'm talking about the link between our inner-peace and how we look at our body. Because the state of our body is not who we are.

Assess your efforts not results

Assess your efforts not results

Some of us at the end of the week, look back and feel that we haven't really accomplished much. We feel like we are not working hard enough because we are not seeing results. And we beat up ourselves for poor results. This quickly brings you down. I think I may have a solution to get you out of this. In this video, I will show you how and why you need to focus on your efforts not results.

You are enough

You are enough

Do you have the thought, "I am not good enough"? A lot of people, especially women, do. And this single thought can derail any progress we've made in our business and personal lives. In this episode of the Happiness Forecast, I have a simple reminder for you: You Are Enough!!!

A key to self-acceptance: "You are allowed to feel like that"

A key to self-acceptance: "You are allowed to feel like that"

Throughout the course of the day, we may experience many different kinds of feelings arise in us. These may be caused by the various situations we encounter while going about our day. We may feel impatient, irritated, annoyed, frustrated, angry, upset, sad or a a host of other things. In this video + blog, I will share with you one important key to self-acceptance that comes in really handy when we are experiencing feelings that tend to bring us down.

Our life is a mirror

Our life is a mirror

The world is a mirror of our state of being. What we think about and say often manifests directly in the form of people and situations. In this episode, I will show you how you can actively change your environment by actively changing your thoughts, words and actions.

How to handle naysayers?

How to handle naysayers?

You have begun talking steps to change your life for the better. You are making plans, aiming for the stars and taking action. But then, you talk about a new idea or your new life and run across naysayers - people who question and question and don't seem to get it. What do you do? I will show you exactly how to handle such situations.

15 Ways To Cultivate Happiness

15 Ways To Cultivate Happiness

Have you ever said to yourself, "I should know this by now"? Or as a child do you remember saying anything like, "When I am 20 years old, I will have strong biceps or I will be fluent in Spanish"? In this article + episode I share with you why we need daily happiness practices and 15 of my favorite actions that cultivate happiness.

My Top 5 Uplifting Books

Hello there!

I first learnt about this idea from Jack Canfield. He suggested that for setting the right tone to our day and in fact to our life, we must begin with a power hour in the morning. Essentially, a power hour includes:

20 minutes of exercise, 
20 minutes of meditation and
20 minutes of reading (uplifting materials).

In one of my Happiness Forecast episodes I recommended adding an hour of power to your day as part of the daily practices that cultivate happiness. There are more suggestions in that post including ten of my happiness boosting activities. 

Back to the hour of power and the reading part of it! So what exactly should we read in the morning? I would say read any piece of positive material that you gravitate towards. Ideally, they must be books so you can read it before turning on any of your devices. So here are my favorite uplifting materials:

1. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra 

2. Turning the mind into an ally by Sakyong Mipham

3. The New Earth by Eckhart Tolle (or any of his books)

4. The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo

5. Ask and it is given by Abraham Hicks

There are tons of wonderful writers that I could list here but these are among the 5 books that I have read repeatedly and so they make the cut to be among my top 5. But I will add a bonus # 6 below just for fun because I have read this book several times as well and each time it has filled me up with positive thinking and the light of new possibilities.

6. Write it down and make it happen by Henriette Anne Klauser.

I love to start my day with some uplifting reads. I hope you find this quick list of my top 5 helpful to start off your day on the right tone because the first hour of your day can set the mood for the rest of the day; it's that powerful! 

Enjoy your reads and do share in the comments below your favorite reads!

With love,