Reflection Pond helps you to connect to your inner voice so you can live a life of peace and joy each day.

We can not only be at peace with what happens in our lives, we can also design our lives to be peaceful, joyful and happy by implementing simple, specific practices and tools passed down to us from the world's wisdom traditions and from the modern understanding of the human mind and human behavior. Let us make our lives light, loving and fulfilling. It is we who can do that. Change begins with us. Peace begins within. So come join me in creating a world of peace for us and our ecology today and for the generations to come.


Visualization is a process of making mental images, and the image is the mold or model which will serve as a pattern from which your future will emerge. - Charles Francis Haanel, an American New Thought author known for his book, The Master Key System.



Reflection Pond was born out of my desire to be at peace and follow what makes my heart happy. I learned that this is best done by quieting the mind, trusting the voice from within, introspection and moments spent in nature. I am here to help you hear your inner voice. Join my group events, read my blogs, watch the videos, get my e-courses and/or get individualized skype coaching with me.

Reflection Pond helps you to visualize. You can use visualization for manifesting anything your heart desires, in the highest good of all, whether it is material, emotional or spiritual. This is because it is a powerful tool that recognizes the power of your mind. As you learn how to access the infinite source from within, you can lead a joyful life of abundance and helping everyone you connect with to do so as well. Now is the time to consciously choose your images which will be the seed for what you experience.