Work With Sophia Ojha Ensslin

Would you like to work with me directly? I love spreading the word about the power of mindfulness and would be delighted to design a program just for you, your organization or your business. Drop me a line via email or connect with me here to continue the conversation further. I'm located in Western North Carolina but available to work throughout North Carolina, the US East Coast and internationally as well, with a special interest in Australia :)

Would you like to work with me at the Individual level?

From one-to-one mentoring to customizing live guided meditations for your personal need, I'd be happy to work with you individually. Start by learning about my inner-peace chats that are designed for working one-on-one (both in-person and online). Send me an email if you'd like to craft something more customized. Email me at

Are You Representing an Organization?

For organizations, I offer group mindfulness sessions which can take place daily at lunch hour, weekly or as day-long workshops or presentations on the power of mindfulness. I'd love to bring this as a program for your local library, chamber of commerce, senior center, school, church, non-profit organization or other types organizations. You can also devise this as a fund-raising event for a cause that you want to draw attention to. To design a program just for your organization, connect with me here. Email me at

Are you representing A BusinesS ?

Mindfulness practice has known to reduce work-place stress. I'd be happy to help you build a more happy, rested team who knows how to use mindfulness techniques to deal with stress and pressures of the workplace and be more present, effective and harmonious at work.

We can design a daily, weekly or a monthly mindfulness program for your team or presentations on the power of mindfulness and how to be mindful in the workplace. These can be done in-person or online. Or you may want to hold a day-long or half-day workshops as part of a company retreat event, or contribute a mindfulness program as part of a larger community event for building brand recognition. Let's talk about the possibilities. Email me at

Three ways to work with me.

Book me to work with you individually

Book me as a Speaker/Presenter for your group/
organization or business


Book me to hold Mindfulness/
Visualization Meditation Programs at your organization

I'm delighted to get to know your goals.
So write me an email to start the conversation.


Get started on designing a program for your specific needs and goals by dropping me a line here:
I am delighted at the opportunity to begin working with you!