Find Yourself A Quiet Spot.
Grab a cup of your favorite warm drink,
a journal and your favorite pen.


Then enjoy these creations that I have made with love for you. Here you will find a variety of tools for your inward journey. Choose from Posctards, Online Video Courses, and Audiotracks for guided meditation. These are all designed to support you as you uncover the deep reservoir of peace already within you. And of course, as always, if you have a question or two about any of these items, drop me a note at


Live Online One-to-One Video Coaching

I'd be delighted to coach you personally in a live video session. I call these sessions inner-peace chats and currently offer three themes for our mentoring/coaching sessions. Click on any of the below to see an in-depth description and as always drop me an email with questions you want me to clarify about the process.

Build Inner-Strength
$99 per session
Live Online Video Coaching
Cultivating this one core virtue will help transform your life. If you are dealing with negative, sad thoughts along with self-doubt, lack of confidence and procrastination habits, this theme is for you.

Breaking Karmic Patterns
$99 per session
Live Online Video Coaching
Karma is like gravity. We cannot get rid of it but we can learn the rules that govern it. If you keep falling into a similar pattern over and over again, then this inner-peace chat theme is for you.

Meditation with Sophia
$99 per session

Live Online Video Coaching
Meditation is no longer a luxury but a necessity for a happy, fulfilled life. If you want help to build your meditation habit, sign up for this theme for your inner-peace chat and I will suggest solutions catered to your lifestyle and needs.

Online Video Courses


Happiness Gameplan - $179/$279
6 Module Video Online Course
w/ videos, checklists + introspective exercise workbook + mini-waterfall meditations.


Guided Visualization Meditations


Creative Visualizations for Abundance CD - $9.99/$15.95
4 audiotracks voice + cello music
as download or physical CD



Want me to create something for you specifically?

Like a customized meditation track for your specific goals and intentions? Or a nature video love letter to your beloved? Get the conversation started with a quick email to