Thank You For Your Kind words!


It is so fulfilling when someone from my readership responds positively either to a video I've made, and article I've written or a live event of mine that they have attended. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your appreciation and generous words as that adds fuel to me to keep creating continuous new content. Thank you!


Thank you this made a great difference for us ! - Eric Schwan

Really awesome! Helping with little manifestations and now going for big. - Lisseth Wertz viewer on youtube.

The most effective visualization meditation I've done thus far. - F. F. viewer on youtube.

Just wanted to let you know...once again, how much I enjoyed reading your last piece on "creating happiness". You are so good at motivating people to take action in improving their lives. Keep up the great work you do...using your god-given gift in helping people. It's invaluable to this world. - V.

Very good! Thank you! I had not expected this kind of experience. I am working with a counsellor on mindfulness, and this fit with it very well. - Peter S.

My experience was very similar to watching Yellow Submarine. I started with a migraine and ended with peace. - LS

I come to Sophia for the vivid imagery of her guided meditations.  The insights, the surreal beauty, and deep relaxation are rejuvenating.  When I have personal issues to deal with she is an open vessel that listens and empathizes before her gentle guidance ripples back an insightful response.  She always helps me get to that next level. - Rachael S.

Fantastic!!  Love it! - Kim Smith

Hello Reflection Pond! I wanted to send my gratitude to you on the first day of the new year. I just re-listened to dream manifestation and it was really perfect. Thank you for being such a blessing in 2012 and I look forward to future journeys. :) Namaste - Leah Kuhlman

How clever life is – I so needed this type of meditiation this morning. and there is was. It has helped me and will continue to help me as I struggle with a number of issues at this time. I am going to make myself a beautiful golden globe with colourful ribbons attached and suspend it over my desk. It will be the manifestation of all that this meditation has meant, and will mean for me in the future. - Bev.

As we went into the visualization the imagery and travel was like Alice in Wonderland, going down a rabbit hole, opening up into a flower garden, and eventually I found myself at my place. It was where I belonged, my true self, my high self. I've never forgotten that place or the imagery and it continues to affect me to this day. I know where I am going and I know that everything I do is towards my goal because I can feel that same feeling of arrival and accomplishment. My life has clear direction and purpose towards my future which feels as simple and tangible as a memory. - Rachael Shores, Asheville, NC

Thank you for bringing this into my life. When I got my first mail from Sophia I recognized that writing down things is really important for clarification! For me, it is essential to take the time and bring my objectives into focus. I enjoy getting clear about my intentions and to empower them during the I.M. process. Every meditation session provides an enrichment of my life and is a great experience for me. - Peter, 29, Germany

Focus is so powerful. The I.M. program is a key pillar to keep me focused and give me the confidence that what I focus on, for me, is the right thing to do. - Alex, USA

When I meditate in the morning, it really sets the mood for the day. Any obstacles that are thrown in my direction are easier to overcome with a clear mind. - Joy Kirk, Asheville, NC

I would really let problems and stress effect me. I have learned that all we need to do, as humans, is breathe. Just saying that to myself...really lets me relax and be happy. - Eric Barker,  Asheville, NC

Really enjoyed your Visualization for Manifesting Your Intention you posted on YouTube. It was just what I needed today. Thanks! - Celeste Clevenger

Thank you universe! I really needed this meditation today! - Michelle Snovak

Thank you for the beautiful gathering! - burnthesun, music band from Asheville, NC

Ah, I miss listening to your voice.  I'm so glad you made these recordings. - Rachael S.

Thank you so much for sending me the CD!! It came out great!!! I´m listening to it with my girlfriend right now, it´s so nice and calming listening to you and the wonderful music. What a great job of you guys. - Manuel M.

This is an excellent manifestation meditation! Thank you very much! - Ahawellness

What a touching video you have created once again. It is lovely and inspiring! You brought tears to my eyes with your sweetness and your sincerity and your message of hope and intention. Your workshop in December looks great. Go for it! Nice invitation to join in the event." -Paul Steinkoenig, Washington D.C. 

I loved the Sunday reflection for following the heart.  This was exactly what I needed to hear and this is exactly the message I want everyone I know to hear.  I want to put this some place where I can read it every day. Thanks for a great reminder. -Rachael Shores, Asheville, North Carolina

Vielen Dank fuer diese wunderbaren Worte und die Hommage zum Muttertag, liebe Sophia. Das tut gut.- Martina Lehner, Sardinia, Italy

I really enjoyed reading your newsletter "follow your heart"...really inspiring and so very true...thanks for bringing such wonderful insights into my life! Also, just wanted to let you know that as usual, I've enjoyed reading your recent newsletter "mighty flame". Thank you for sharing such insights! I'm going to keep telling myself that whenever I encounter a problem, I should see it as an opportunity for growth and for my own personal learning." - Asmita Barua, New York City

Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with the world! - The Wilhelm Brothers, Asheville, North Carolina

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