Inner-Peace Chats:
Live Online Video One-to-One Mentoring      

There are times when we face a situation in every day life and just want to talk with someone we feel comfortable with. Not to talk about it to vent but to find out hidden patterns that someone with an outside perspective can quickly identify. You need to talk with someone who can help devise an action-plan with a simple do-able process so that you can begin making changes.

Welcome To My Living Room! 

Yes, you will come into my living room via skype or zoom or whatever suitable online conferencing and we will have a chat over a cup of hot Earl Grey tea (or whatever is your favorite tea - perhaps, peppermint or green tea?). Before our call, I will send you an introspective sheet which will serve to guide our time together. You must send this document to me before our call so that we don't lose any time going over things which you could easily write out before.

We will chit chat about the current challenge you are facing. Then, I will share my thoughts on it and suggest a practice, an action-step that you can take up. Finally, I will guide you through a customized meditation just for your particular situation, a copy of which you will receive later as an mp3 file. 

Relaxed conversations to uplift you

The practice that I will share will be pulled from my tool-box of processes that I have built up in the last 10 years of active introspection and reflection. You will get a small curated document with some details written up as a PDF after our call so you can review and print out to do exercise.

Inner-Peace chats are about looking at one nagging situation at a time. When you can focus on a solution for one issue and actively take measures to change it, the ripple-effect in other parts of your life is inevitable! So be prepared to hone in on one current situation to iron out during our conversation.

Why am I doing this?
I've been, for the longest time wanting to create resources that can help you prepare - not pessimistically expecting a challenging moment, rather realistically understanding that difficult moments do arise. We need to help ourselves come through those moments stronger. This is exactly what I needed on my journey. Not a therapist, not a parent but a friend who would truly listen and help. I'd love to offer you my presence and guide you on cultivating deeper inner-peace and a sense of resilience. 

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Inner-Peace Chats

In These Hour-Long Online Live Video Conversations You Receive:

- a preparatory guide with
questions and guidance for our call
- an hour long live video chat to address your specific problem and getting personal attention from me
a powerful customized live guided visualization
- a downloadable action workbook with actionables to embody the practices.
- a mp3 audio track of your guided visualization so you can do it over and over
- post-chat check-in to see how you are faring


For our live inner-peace chat, you will join in from the comfort of your home; will have an instant uplift; learn actionable steps that are customized to your situation; and a receive a process you can use long after your chat with me. 

Deliverables: What Do You Actually Receive?

1. Preparatory Quick Sheet
You will have a chance to share your situation well in advance so that time on the call is focused on solutions and your introspective journey, not sharing details which can be easily noted in advance. This will save time and help you get the most out of the hour you invest with me.

2. One Hour Video Chat
When we see our smiling faces, it is much easier to walk through a situation that we are facing. After connecting with you, I will share my insights and recommendations, helping you see your situation from a different and empowering perspective. I will also help you look for answers that are already within you.

3. Action Step PDF
Customized Workbook

I will send you via email a post-chat workbook that will have further guidance and reflections that I will gather from my own meditation. It will be a customized action plan to cultivate inner-peace helping you go deeper in to action step that you and I talked about during our call along with an introspective exercise that will help you ground your experience. This can be used repeatedly for weeks after our call.

4. Live Personalized Guided Visualization + mp3 recording

This will be a customized guided meditation based on what you share with me to help you activate the process and changes we talk about. We will begin with a guided visualization where you will journey inside your inner-world where your strength and courage resides. We will call on to your guides and spiritual mentors for help and receive answers from within. If you have not done a journey with me before, I will prepare you before hand so you will be comfortable and enjoy the process.

5. Post-Chat Check-in

After about a week, we will have the chance to check-in via email. I will make myself available for a couple of follow-up questions. After which, you can decide if you want to have another chat to continue the process of transformation.

Note: After you make your purchase, your spot will be secured. Then, you will be receiving preparatory material, your workbook and instructions on how to prepare for our time together and invitation to pick a date and time. and you will need to use it up within a month after purchase.

What Can We Chat About?


At the moment, I am narrowing down our chat themes to these three topics. Choose the one that you resonate with most and just let me know in the preparatory worksheet which theme you've selected. You will receive this worksheet right after you book your hour.

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Cultivating this one core virtue has helped transformed my life. If you are dealing with negative, sad thoughts along with self-doubt, lack of confidence and procrastination habits, this theme is for you.

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Breaking Karmic Patterns
Karma is like gravity. We cannot get rid of it but we can learn the rules that govern it. If you keep falling into a similar pattern over and over again, then this inner-peace chat theme is for you.

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Meditation with Sophia
Meditation is no longer a luxury but a necessity for a happy, fulfilled life. If you want help to build your meditation habit, sign up for this theme for your inner-peace chat and I will suggest solutions catered to your lifestyle and needs.

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A Chat With Sophia

Sophia Ojha Ensslin loves to help people live happier lives. She is the founder of Through her online training program, Happiness Gameplan, she teaches simple-to-implement yet powerful practices to generate self-defined happiness so that we all can live a fulfilled life doing what we love and loving what we do. Inner-Peace Chats are her newest offerings for 2018.

Sometimes you need someone to truly listen with compassion and then gently guide you to the changes you already know you want to make. I am here to facilitate this transformation for you. 
It's time for you to start the conversation!

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