What if there was a way to be peaceful and happy regardless of what our outer circumstances are?

There are constantly things happening in the outer world that we may not prefer. Unwanted things happen. Things that we want do not happen. What if we can learn to be calm and balanced in spite of what is happening out there? What if we could tap into our deep reservoir of peace that's already within us, in times of need, in situations that cause us stress and anxiety?

happiness gameplan
Sophia Happiness Gameplan Creator

I have suffered from mental anguish

Hi, my name is Sophia and I have experienced a time when I was constantly feeling burdened by life's demands. Other people and their expectations; my own feelings and thoughts; and situations outside of my control, all added up to me feeling sad and hopeless. I felt like no matter how much I tried, things were just getting out of my control, adding to the downward cycle I was in.

And I found a simple way to peace

Then bit by bit, I got to see that it was me who was causing my mental anguish. And it was me who could help me out of it. I found out that there is a simple way to peace, a simple way of living in grace and experiencing a calm, peaceful life. This simple way begins with awareness of what I am feeling and accepting them as they are. Gradually, I started to turn my life around. I started implementing the lessons of peace I was learning about from books about wisdom teachings and messages I heard during interviews with many wise teachers.

I began experiencing a deep peace even when there were situations that were stressful and exhausting. I began to feel more and more at peace within myself - amazingly I found that as I implemented these simple happiness strategies, the negative self-talk in my head decreased and even outer circumstances and people started appearing more and more harmonious to me.


But the key to your inner-peace lies in APPLYING these Strategies.

Some things that I tried worked. Others didn't. What I am sharing with you in this online program are things that really worked for me. And it is my conviction that if you APPLY them, these strategies can help you as well to live happier and more peacefully.

We can talk and discuss these strategies until the cows come home but none of us will truly find peace if we do not give them a chance to work by applying them in our lives. Only by implementation can you really experience the happiness and peace that comes, not by simply watching and enjoying the video. That is why, I have created worksheets for every video in each module to help you bring these practices into your daily life. Each PDF worksheet consists of guided exercises and instructions making it easy to bring out the benefits of each happiness strategy I share in the video.



Want To Deepen Your Experience Of Happiness in Daily Life?

      Then this especially designed premium content is for you.


Happiness Gameplan logo designed by Manuel Messner

The Happiness Gameplan is an online video training program designed to help you cultivate the art of happiness through step-by-step video modules and experiential mental training exercises. These 24 videos contain practical tips and real-life stories from my life making it relevant for anyone who wants to develop greater levels of peace and harmony in their relationships with others and most importantly navigate the challenges they face in life with ease and equanimity.

The Happiness Gameplan is as heart-warming as its creator. During this course, Sophia leads you through a series of lessons taken right out of her own experiences, which is why it's all so relatable and easy to follow. If you need a little boost in happiness, you'll get it here while taking part in simple and fun exercises.

Every module is action-oriented and not just packed with deep philosophy, so you can really dive in and understand how to make little changes in order to achieve big results. I especially enjoyed it, as a woman entrepreneur, because life can easily get hectic and too busy when running a business, so it's important to learn how to take time for ourselves and remember to enjoy the little things. A great course with a fantastic instructor!

- Marta Raptis, Toronto, Canada
Entrepreneur, www.martaraptis.com

What is Contained in the Happiness Gameplan?

Six Video Modules (with 24 total videos)

You will receive six video modules with a total of 24 videos (24th video is a Bonus Video called Key to Success). These are not slides with voiceover; instead each video is professionally shot in the backdrop of beautiful waterfall in the ancient Appalachian mountains of North Carolina with Sophia presenting to you directly.

46 PDFs with introspective exercises

Whenever we learn something new, it deepens for us when we implement it. Each video is accompanied by two PDFs ( a Reflection Question PDF and a Happiness Action PDF) which simplify the process of ingraining what you learn in the videos. These PDFs contain the key to your breakthrough to inner-peace.


How Will This Program Help You?

There are six modules in the Happiness Gameplan Program, each with a distinct focus to help you access the inner-peace that is already within you. Here is a breakdown of each individual module.

Module 1: Creating Your Shield

Learn how to communicate your preferences to others harmoniously, create a zone of positive influences, how to stop people-pleasing and how to stand up for yourself with confidence and say no to negative self-talk.

Module 2: Finding Direction

Learn how to find what you love, how to get clear on your life purpose, how to realize that you do make a difference and how to protect your dream once you discover it.

Module 3: Harnessing Your Emotions

Understand the anatomy of emotions, discover the process of energetically let go and know what to do with strong emotions.

Module 4 : Trusting The Universe

Learn to trust the Universe by knowing how to be at peace with what is and learn to recognize the Universe as a friendly place.

Module 5: Living In Self-Referral

Learn to embrace your own journey, to see the brilliance of who you are, to build your intuition, to know that other people's opinion is none of your business and create a system to keep your promises.

Module 6: Giving Permission To Be Yourself

Learn how to stop worrying about how you look and how to stop apologizing for just being you, how you can make mistakes vanish and learn how you can invest in yourself.

The entire program is presented on a beautiful platform

I wanted the whole experience of the program to be beautiful and uplifting. That's why I went with a wonderful course platform for hosting all the modules and the support material.

Here is a screenshot of what the dashboard looks like when you are inside the program. Everything is in a clear order and progression and you will have fun working through the videos!

The Happiness Gameplan was such a great experience for me, a true gift, and it came along in just the perfect time of my life. I had just moved to another country with my family, leaving the life I knew behind and I was feeling kind of lost and anxious about what would come next for us. This program helped me to take some time for myself in order to have an inner dialogue and spend some moments listening to my thoughts and desires; which I had somehow left unattended due to my responsibilities with my kids, family and work.
It was really nice to have a chance to devote that time just for me, to engage in a deep conversation with myself in order to discover more about the person I am today as well as my dreams and goals. This program was a chance to connect with myself, and it was precious. The stories, exercises and mostly the experiences shared in the videos were truly valuable in many ways.  
Thank you Sophia, for sharing this wonderful opportunity with me and for your valuable insight that will surely stay with me in the years to come.
- Mariana Ríos Ramírez, Anderson, South Carolina, USA
Mom + Online Entrepreneur, 
Foto Mariana Ríos.jpg

You Also Get A Bonus Video: Key to Success


You will also receive Key to Success Bonus Video that lays out how you can make these happiness strategies a habit in your life. This video is only available as part of the premium package and not available anywhere else.


What Are The Happy Sheets?

Happy Sheets are the collection of PDFs that compliment the video trainings. There are 2 PDFs worksheets that go with each individual video, 46 in total. They contain guidelines and introspective questions that assist you in accessing your zone of peace within and to create a daily habit of happiness. This only happens when you work through the message contained within each video by journalling and taking an introspective action which is laid out for you in the PDF worksheets that I call your Happy Sheets. Each Happy Sheet contains a Reflection Question which is an introspective exercise and a Happiness Action which has instructions on how to engrain the message of the video.


23 Reflection Questions PDFs

You will get a detailed guide on how to each reflection question in each video so you can enjoy the fruits that come from deep introspection. Every question is designed as a first landing point for you right after you have watched the video. It helps you to assimilate the content of the video and prepares you for the main task, the practical exercises.

23 Happiness Actions PDFs

Each Happiness Action contains a practical exercise, most of which you can do in less than 5 minutes and bring in the positive benefit into your every-day life. These exercises hold the secret to embodying the messages that I am sharing. Without doing this, your learning will only be intellectual, not experiential. And only with experience can we create real peace.

You will also receive Welcome Letter PDF to start you off, a Progress Checklist PDF and a 66 Day Challenge Calendar PDF, making the total of 49 PDFS!!

Sophia's course came at a very difficult time in my life. A personal crisis made me moody, anxious and depressive. Her videos and tips helped me look deeper within myself...find things which I could remove from my life, to improve it.
The best part is: her course speaks to your mind. When she talks about improving your happiness quotient, it's not random talk. I stopped watching news 24/7 after taking her course and felt calmer. 

I wanted to say 1 more thing: I loved the waterfall and your video set up. The rushing water has a cleansing effect every time I see and hear it.
- Dr. Amrita Basu, Calcutta, India
Mompreneur, http://healthwealthbridge.com


3 Benefits of Learning The Tools of Happiness:

1. Reduce the fear of uncertainty in daily life by learning key happiness building strategies that help you stay in gratitude mode no matter what.

2. Quickly reduce mood-swings or negative thoughts by only using proven practices that are both time-tested by ancient wisdom and scientifically-tested by scholars in the positive psychology field.

3. Increase your level of satisfaction and fulfillment of life, experience harmonious relationships, health and growth in your career/business by learning how to shift your mindset to the happiness frequency.


Ready to create more moments of peace and happiness in your life? 
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Enroll in the Happiness Gameplan at either Level:

Independent Package $179

  • Six hi-quality Video Modules presented in a beautiful student-only interface
  • 23 Streaming Videos
  • 46 downloadable Happy Sheets filled with Reflection Questions and Happiness Action Exercises 
  • Short Waterfall Meditation with Natural Waterfall Sound (at the end of each video)

Includes these Bonuses:

  • Bonus Progress Checklist PDF
  • Bonus 66 Day Challenge Calendar PDF
  • Bonus Key to Success Video 

Premium Package $279

  • Six hi-quality Video Modules presented in a beautiful student-only interface
  • 23 Streaming Videos
  • 46 downloadable PDF Happy Sheets filled with Reflection Questions and Happiness Action Exercises 
  • Short Waterfall Meditation with Natural Waterfall Sound (at the end of each video)
  • 1 hr 1-to-1 Coaching via Skype including a 20-minute guided visualization with Sophia ($200 value)

Includes these Bonuses:

  • Bonus Progress Checklist PDF
  • Bonus 66 Day Challenge Calendar PDF
  • Bonus Key to Success Video

1-to-1 Private Coaching With Sophia 

(available in the Premium Package)

When you choose the Premium Package you get yourself a private coaching session with me. In this one hour of live video call, you can ask me specific questions and share your challenges. We will work through them together and I will suggest a plan of action so you can move forward boldly. This is special opportunity because right now it is the only way to get private happiness coaching with me.
 I will share with you my personal practice of developing a peaceful mind and how I deal with upsetting challenges from a practical perspective. The highlight of this 1 hour coaching session will be a chance to visualize a life of peace during a live 20-minute guided journey.

The Happiness Gameplan helped me learn to step away from the usual day to day grind and rut that we all get into. Sophia's program is wonderful and so very helpful, especially for those of us who are trying to do it all perfectly. It leads you on a journey of self discovery and teaches you to see your world from a much more positive perspective. Sophia has a light about her that just glows and her sharing her past difficulties makes it easy to see there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I recommend this program to anyone who wants their life to be happier, less stressful and more fulfilling.
Bravo Sophia! Thanks so much! 
- Melissa Kielek, Daphne, Alabama, USA
Owner and CEO of https://melclaire.com

Ready to dive in deep?
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Independent Package $179

    Premium Package $279

      Find Your Own Source Infinite Inner Peace

      Living a life of peace does not have to be rocket science. And a simple way can be an effective way to living a happier life. I have found it and I am sharing with you how you can truly deepen your experience of the Happiness Gameplan Program using my specially designed Happy Action worksheets.

      It's very clear when listening to Sophia's videos that she has been influenced and guided by some of the greatest writers & thinkers of our times. The insights she presents in her Happiness Gameplan are truly aimed at helping us 'grow up and grow out' of old patterns we find ourselves stagnating in, encouraging us to shake off old viewpoints that have understandingly become a poor frame of reference for where we find ourselves right now. 
      The personal stories & reflections she shares throughout the series breathe fresh air into the simplest of insights most of us commonly know, but don't always commonly practice. I think this is what I enjoyed most about the Gameplan. With these new perspectives & the completion of the Happiness Worksheets, it became easier to access my own inner compass and to clarify those areas of my life I occasionally struggle with--whether it be professionally, personally, creatively, or otherwise. I found that throughout the 6 weeks I was beginning to feel more confident about not only my decisions, but the ways in which I was making them. I can only describe it as an investment in myself. Well worth the effort. :) 
      - Heather Johnson, Asheville, North Carolina, USA
      Massage & Bodywork Entrepreneur, www.studio3ashiatsu.com

      Access The Happiness Gameplan Now At
      A Level That Works For You!

      Independent Package $179

      • Six Hi-quality Video Modules
      • 23 Ad-Free Streaming Videos
      • 49 downloadable PDF Happy Sheets filled with Reflection Questions and Happiness Action Exercises 
      • Short Waterfall Meditation with Natural Waterfall Sound (at the end of each video)

      Includes these Bonuses:

      • Bonus Progress Checklist PDF
      • Bonus 66 Day Challenge Calendar PDF
      • Bonus Key to Success Video

      Premium Package $279

      • Six Hi-quality Video Modules
      • 23 Ad-Free Streaming Videos
      • 49 downloadable PDF Happy Sheets filled with Reflection Questions and Happiness Action Exercises 
      • Short Waterfall Meditation with Natural Waterfall Sound (at the end of each video)
      • 1 hr 1-to-1 Coaching via Skype including a 20-minute guided visualization with Sophia ($200 value)

      Includes these Bonuses:

      • Bonus Progress Checklist PDF
      • Bonus 66 Day Challenge Calendar PDF
      • Bonus Key to Success Video


      30 Day Money Back Guarantee


      I confidently stand behind the Happiness Gameplan and so I am offering you a 30 day money back guarantee. I know that if you do the work and remain open to the teachings in this program you will experience a tremendous positive shift. And so I am giving this 30 day guarantee. All you have to do is to show us that you did the work by sending us the Reflection Questions and Happiness Actions for the first four weeks. This program is for action-takers and if you take the right actions as instructed with the right intention, you will get the positive results you intended.


      Have Questions You Need Answered? Just Click Here To Ask.


      Real happiness is not dependent on outside circumstances, things, people or even our own thoughts. It comes from awareness of what is and equanimity and acceptance of all that is. And this comes with a just a little bit of guidance and lots of practice. Real happiness can be way of life for you.


      About the Instructor:

      Sophia Ojha Ensslin loves to help people live happier lives. She is the founder of reflectionpond.com, her online platform where she shares articles and videos to help people cultivate a peaceful life. Through her online training program, Happiness Gameplan, she teaches simple-to-implement yet powerful practices to generate self-defined happiness so that we all can live a fulfilled life doing what we love and loving what we do.

      May I have the courage today
      To live the life that I would love,
      To postpone my dream no longer
      But do at last what I came here for
      And waste my heart on fear no more.
      — From “A Morning Offering," Benedictus by John O’Donohue, Irish Poet.