The intention for today is Connect.

Today connect with someone. If possible gather around a gang of lovely people and just enjoy the Sunday afternoon. Or simply go out into nature and connect with yourself.

Thank you Connection for making the bonds strong.

PS: Connect with your deepest self is something that can prove to be a tremendous gift to you, with positive effects in all aspects of your life. Simply close your eyes and become aware of your breath. You will find your treasure there.

Intention for Today: Connection

Connection is the intention for today.

May we feel connected today. May being connected remind us of our oneness and unity. Let us connect with somebody familiar today. Let us share a few words with a stranger and connect that way. Let us make that phone call that we have been postponing. Let us make that connection with ourselves. Take a moment. Connect.

Thank you Connection for revealing the eternal bond that liberates.

Intention for Today: Connection

Today I intend for us to feel the power of Connection.

Let us feel connected to ourselves, to our spirit. Let us feel connected to the people in our lives in a new and even more loving way. Let us connect to the Earth with gratitude for its abundance. Let us allow the flow to occur within and through us. Let us re-connect to the universal source today.

Thank you for the Connection!