You are enough

Do you have the thought, "I am not good enough"? A lot of people, especially women, do. And this single thought can derail any progress we've made in our business and personal lives. In this episode of the Happiness Forecast, I have a simple reminder for you: You Are Enough!!!

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That's probably the one negative statement that can bring us down in one blow. "I am not good enough." In this busy and hectic lives, we are all doing so much. Just look at most women's lives in today's modern lifestyle. We are jugglers. We are wives. We are moms. We are career women. We are entrepreneurs. We have parents to take care of. We take care of kids. We are active in the community. We volunteer.

We take care of everyone and everything. It is almost as if we are the backbone of every functional system! And we are the leaders too.

Yet, we feel at some time or the other that we are not enough. That what we are doing in our lives could be way better. We may even think that we may not be cut out for all of this.

Does this thought appear in your mind at times?

It has for me. And I have felt that only if I had more focus, more energy, more skills, and a better sense of all that I need to do, then I could do everything better, faster, be more productive, be more successful.

But this is exactly the kind of thinking that is destructive and derails us in our forward movement. Then it adds to a vicious cycle of negative thought patterns that is even more counter-productive.

Of course, if you do feel, "I am not good enough", you are allowed to feel that. That's my biggest mantra, as you have probably seen in Episode 006: You are allowed to feel the way you feel. 

But we cannot stay there. Just like a lawyer or an advocate who brings evidence and counter-arguments to make a case, you too have to bring evidence in front of your inner-self to demonstrate to yourself that the statement is not accurate. We have to remind ourselves that we are constantly making strides forward and doing our best in every way possible.

Instead of beating ourselves down,
we need to cut ourselves some slack!

So the next time you have the thought, "I am not good enough", remind yourself that, YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH!

This is soooo important because there is such an epidemic today where we are berating, demeaning and putting ourselves down, and this simply sucks our energy. The way we think about ourselves is important. We cannot say mean things to ourselves and think that it's okay. We have to be loving and kind and compassionate to ourselves and that means saying kind things to ourselves. It means being patient with ourselves.

Don't get me wrong, I am with you in efforts to improve ourselves, I am with you when you say I want to do better, be more effective and have more impact. And I know there is always a new level of refinement, more growth and more learning for us all to do. That's the beauty and magic of life. 

But wherever we are, right now in this moment, is exactly where we need to be. It is perfect. You are perfect. It is all just the way it is meant to be, in this moment. We must not fight the present moment. What we can do is accept what is, and then with equanimity, a balanced mind, take conscious actions in the direction we want.

So that's my little, simple message for you today. And I hope you will remind yourself that! 

You are good enough!


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Thank you for watching and reading this episode of the Happiness Forecast. And remember:

Your Happiness Forecast is looking great, radiant and sunny, because you are taking positive actions for your happiness today!

Do share with me your take on this topic. How do you deal with such thought patterns and what tools have you employed to remind yourself that you are good enough?

May you have a calm and peaceful mind!



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