We have two options in life both medically and emotionally. Give up or fight like hell. -Lance Armstrong


If you are wondering what this photo above is all about, let me clarify: it is about the big fight that Armstrong is referring to.

The motion captured in a freeze second is that of a drummer beating the drums in feverish tempo, as if his entire being is flowing into and with the beat of the music. One could not see him or the drums because they had merged into a harmonious fluidity of oneness. The drummer was definitely giving his all to this moment.

The amazing cyclist, Lance Armstrong represents for me the full embodiment of the quote above. He intended to beat cancer and he intended to win the tour de France, both of which he did by giving his all. Both Armstrong and the drummer remind me that the option of giving my all and "fighting like hell" means generating the courage within to go for what's important to me, without allowing any room for doubt or hesitation. "Fighting like hell" can take the form of a quiet determination, an inner resolution to oneself or simply a frame of mind which keeps you focused on that goal or commitment that you have set for yourself.

I also think that the option to fight like hell means to not "settle" with any situation; whether it is a sense of disappointment or whether it is a lack of something in your experience. Many years ago, Cristof mentioned to me: You are the only one who can make yourself happy. At the time, his statement made me angry because something in my external experience was making me unhappy. Looking back at that statement, I realize how true it is for me. When I am in charge of my life, of my feelings, the possibility for a fulfilling life is endless. I no longer await for an external change in my life without my involvement. I know that for the changes to happen in my life, I only need to care about my inner self and inner world. The more I clean out my inner world, the more beautifully it reflects onto my external environment and external experiences.

So, in this context, I have to simply give it my all, fight like hell and know that the unfurling of the beauty of life is happening right now in this moment and at every moment. What is required of me, though, is the full expression of me and full engagement of me in the life I am living.

Strength, Courage and Love to all of you.

-Sophia Ojha