Visual Journey Inspires Visual Artist.

One Saturday morning, Rachael Shores, a regular meditator dropped by the Center for Meditation and Healing, also my home. Accompanying her was this lovely painting:

She calls it Attributes.

Among the many talents Rachael embodies, visual art is her passion. She brings life and drama with her brush strokes whether it is painting on canvas or designing murals for a wall. She dances with color flowing through the tips of her brushes moving in rythmically akin to the flow of Tai Chi. Her visual mastery is only complemented with her technical expertise in the manner her vision is executed into reality. Her love for creative expression exudes in the way she is present with her art.

When Rachael presented Attributes to me, she said, "This is what I experienced in our Visual Journey Meditation." I was flabbergasted. The journey that we had visualized is now translated onto canvas with Rachael's unique interpretation. I was holding in my hands the meditation that had flowed through me. Her artistic interpretation made the meditation tangible in an astounding manner. My husband, Cristof and I sat there gazing into the painting, re-living the fantasy-landscape that we had all experienced. The deep blue ocean with schools of fish floating by surrounded by dolphins who seemed to emerge from the flowing flame of wisdom. This is the flame around which three mentors were seated, each a manifestation of an inner attribute within us, holding a message as unique as each individual.

I immeditately had the strong urge to share this painting with you, the Pond community. Take a look at this painting, gaze at it for a moment. Look at the details and immerse yourself within it. Let this lovely painting aide you in your own visual journey.

If you would like this painting to serve you with its high vibration at all times, Rachael is happy to share a print for your home or office space. Get all the details here. Thank you Rachael for your passion and creativity.

Mountain Love,