Visual Journey And Evidence That We Are Connected To a Field

The more I see people connecting with themselves, the more I am convinced about the power of visualizations and the mind and heart. And when it feels like I am fully convinced, I am even more convinced, to yet another degree.

Yesterday, there were four wonderful human beings that I was blessed to have in our Wednesday evening class. They are truly beautiful people from the depths of who they are. We all went on a Visual Journey together. When I began guiding, images came to my mind's eye that were clear like water. A clear, solid image of a golden rock appeared. I began seeing its details. Golden. Glistening. Water from an unknown source flowing down its smooth and craggy surface. I could hear the trickling sounds of the waterfall and then saw a tiny pool of water that collected below. The rock was touching the ground on only one single point, balanced in the most unusual way. On one side there was an opening and on other a shade from the sun.

We entered the Rock through the opening. Just floating up into the hollow rock and arriving at a landing. Then we lay there and looked at the ceiling of the hollow rock which was a beautiful dark night sky. As if we were in a planetarium, we could see the stars and shooting stars and comets, all in action. Then a giant Sun, hundred times bigger than our Sun, called us to visit. In the next moment, we were on the Sun and experienced the unusual desgin of it. The Sun was a three-dimensional structure with different layers. Each layer was a different landscape and one could navigate it like the different slices of pizza pie. First layer was Earth-like terrain, the next layer was moon-like terrain and the third layer was our Sacred Garden.

And then in the Sacred Garden magic happened for the people in the class. The Sacred Garden is a special place that is unique to each one of us. It exists only for us and we all have it and can create it. It is a place of peace and healing and love, where nothing but the highest good of all happens. We connected with the garden, listened for any messages from the trees and flowers and animals there. We also removed items that we no longer wanted to be there and added things we wanted there. Then we met with our Tree. This tree represented an intention we had set before going into the Visual Journey. We saw the current state of the tree and started giving it attention. We poured water, hugged it and gave it a lot of love. Then we saw the tree change and react to all the love and attention. After this, we called for our Spiritual Mentor or Animal Spirit or Ancestor or Higher Self to appear. We then listened in silence to their message.

This was such an amazing experience for me as a guide. All images and signs came to me with ease. I was picking it up from the participants and it became clear from the things they shared with me. They shared that they would visualize or think of something and the next moment I would say that same thing. One participant had listed 7 or 8 items which were what she had thought about or visualized. This kind of reports happen in almost every sharing part of Visual Journeys and it is evidence for me that we are connected in an invisible field and we can pick up information from this field as easily as closing our eyes. Sure, it takes some practice, but this is something we can all do. It is not something we need to learn, because we already know it. What we do need to do is to learn how to uncover the layers covering us up from these natrual, innate "skills" or ways of being.

I am so blessed to bring the Visual Journeys to people and I am so grateful for all the participants who make it happen for me. Thank you so much!

I invite you to come and join me on a Visual Journey. If you cannot make it in person in Asheville, call or email me and we can do one via video skype. I will also be hosting a monthly free Visual Journey Potluck at the Pond Center starting this month, that will be for beginners and for old-timers alike. So if you are a beginner, you can connect with other meditators who have been there in the early stages and you can ask some of your questions. If you are an old-timer, you can help and assist the newbees on this path of quieting the mind and deeply connecting with self. So let us visualize, meditate and manifest the very highest good for us all.

Email me at or call me at 1-828-398-4701

Love y'all!