Uplifting Thoughts

Today's intention for the day is Uplifting Thoughts.

Today, reach for a single uplifting thought. When you become aware of lower vibrating thoughts, just think of something that brings you a smile. You have got to be the gatekeeper of the thoughts that enter the castle of your heart and mind. It is only about that one high-energy thought. Then, the next and the next until you come into a stream of uplifting, energizing, happy, positive thought patterns.

Thank you Uplifting Thoughts for giving us wings to fly.

PS: One suggestion is to think of someone who makes you smile always. Or reach out for some adorable animal babies which melt you in the most serious of moods. One of my favorite uplifting thought is that of gratitude. I write 5 things I am grateful for and the feeling of appreciation is just a very high-vibration feeling. Remember, this is not about suppressing your bad feelings and thoughts. It is a suggestion for how to change things around, once you acknowledge that you are experiencing those thoughts/feelings of lower frequency.