Let go of the need to know what happens tomorrow

In our world, where planning for future projects and events is part of our everyday life, often stress begins to show up. We sweat over all the details so that we can design everything "perfectly". But no matter how much we plan and prepare, there is uncertainty in life. How to deal with this? In this video, I share with you why we need to let go of the need to know what happens tomorrow and how to accept the aspect of change that is part of our life.

Episode No 10!! Wow, we made it to ten consecutive weeks of the Happiness Forecast.

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Letting go of the need to know

One important life-skill is detachment. I have spoken about in previous episodes of the Happiness Gameplan and in other videos and posts. There is always another angle to it. This time it is looking at detachment as it relates to the future.

Detachment, in this context of the future, is essentially letting go of wanting to control how things turn out. It is about letting go of the need to know what will happen tomorrow. We can of course make projections based on past historical records or make extrapolations based on data we have. But can we really tell exactly how tomorrow will look like?

Every moment there is change. Look at the sky and you can see the constant change unfolding right in front of your eyes. Moment to moment there is change - everything is constantly in flux, in movement. We can either dance along with it or let it overpower us. The choice is pretty simple - but how does one even begin to be at ease about all these unknowns? All these things that cause anxiety, stress and worry?

I think the way to go about is to understand how life works. We can just observe what life does day in and day out - change. If we can accept this because we understand that change is part and parcel of life, then we begin to stress-out less. It is like watching a soccer game (or any game for that matter). You know how that game is played, who the players are and where the goal is. But how exactly that game will be played is unknowable from moment to moment. That really becomes apparent when there is a penalty-shoot out to determine a tie-break. Amidst the intensity of the final moments of the game, each player must make the goal. Whether or not they will do it, we do not know. It is uncertain. That's just part of the game. We know it and that is what makes the game exciting. 


Accepting that tomorrow everything will be different

This way of thinking is very helpful because it frees us from the burden of knowing how things will unfold. So if we don't know, we can just rest in that "unknowingness". Yeah, I don't know what will happen so why waste my time and energy worrying right now.

This is in no way about giving up efforts today. I am not saying we should sit on our bums and not do a thing to influence what happens tomorrow. All I am saying is that we can reduce the tension and worry that comes from wanting to know today what we cannot know about tomorrow.

In fact, this kind of relaxed view gives us extra energy and impetus to be alert. Like a ninja who doesn't know where the next kick will come, she is extra calm and alert to be able to respond appropriately based on the situation.

A relaxed view about tomorrow makes us extra alert

Why, I like the idea of embodying the alert, calm mindedness of a master ninja! We can train our minds to become calm so we then respond with tact, compassion and wisdom. Take the change as a given and use all the extra energy you are not spending worrying about tomorrow to constructively empower you today.

So, how can you apply this in your daily life? If you are nervous about something that is going to happen, say, a job interview or meeting the in-laws for the first time, then take a deep breath and trust that all will go well. Put efforts in preparing for that event and in relaxing your mind and body as well. Then let go of the results, let go of what happens. You will find yourself a tad bit happier because of this way of looking at things.

To help you be a bit more relaxed about tomorrow, I have created an introspective process that helps you embrace the state of "unknowingness". This directly helps you feel more at peace within yourself. To receive this free PDF worksheet, click the button below. Note that you will also begin to receive my weekly emails with happiness tips for everyday life.


And remember that your Happiness Forecast is looking bright an sunny because you are taking steps for your happiness today. :-)

What kind of things do you worry about? How do you think you can reduce that worry and settle into a peaceful state of unknowingness?  Share in the comments below - I'd love to read them.

Thank you again for reading this article + watching this episode. I wish you to have a calm and peaceful mind.



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