Those who only ask about the purpose of things shall never realise its beauty. - Walther Rathenau


Recently, a question crossed my mind: what is the essential purpose of the variety of song birds?

It must be pointed out that I am greatly delighted to hear the beautiful song of the blackbird and the blackcap; when I see the refreshing colors of the green, ringed Parakeet; and watch as the Robin-mom adorably feeds her chicks- all in the "wilderness" of our backyard in the middle of Cologne City!

Shortly after I had posed this question, a strange feeling overcame me. Surely, I could study the biological purpose of all these fascinating birds within the food chain and their role in a healthy biodiversity. For a biologist, this is perhaps an issue of great interest and even an essential matter for climate research.

I no longer want to ponder on this question, though: at least not as I casually sit on my balcony. Otherwise, I may become oblivious of how lucky I feel to have these magnificient creatures so close. There are some things that I enjoy very dearly- be it colorful birds, a breathtaking view, or the gentle sound of the cello coming from a neighboring window.

Thank you, Roswitha, for bringing this profound quote of Walther Rathenau into my life. Simply allowing my spirits to experience and not always wanting to explain everything: from this I derive a sense of peace and contentment within me.

-Cristof Ensslin