Meditation + Short talk on Third Hindrance in Meditation: Sloth and Torpor - Sophia Ojha Ensslin - 3 Sep 2019

We were able to record today's session which was all about the third hindrance, Sloth and Torpor. Take a listen as we share some laughter before sliding into the meditation session:

Also, the handout that goes along with today’s class is here:
Third Hindrance: Sloth and Torpor [PDF]

Watch/Listen Below:

Do join us for next class which is happening on Wed, Sept 25th, 2pm! 

Much love and peace,

Sophia + Cristof

Reducing the Third Hindrance in Meditation: Sloth and Torpor

Yesterday we had a lovely meditation session led by my husband, Cristof, talking about how to handle the third hindrance of "Sloth and Torpor" And thanks to the gentle nudges of Jo Ann, we have a recording!

It is an audio recording of the class so those of you who were not able to make it can enjoy it. I, myself, was not able to attend as I got signed on a big project this month and yesterday was one of the first important deadlines that I wanted to meet. Later in the evening, I had the pleasure of participating thanks to this recording. 

Cristof added his charm and his own approach to leading a meditation class, which I found wonderful and refreshing. I hope you benefit from it too.

Watch/Listen Below:

Much love and peace,

Sophia + Cristof

Daily Meditation with Sophia | Dissolving Lethargy and Low Energy

Today, I randomly picked a page in the book, "Kindfulness" and it opened up to a section on how to deal with sloth and torpor - a way to describe lethargy, dullness or low energy. The monk Ajahn Brahm presents a useful way to deal with mental dullness and lethargy - investigating it and making peace with it. Then we go into a silent meditation session.

I'd love to see you live - come and join me in tomorrow's meditation session:


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