playing from the heart

Playing From The Heart

Recently, I had a conversation with a friend in the musical community who talked about playing from the heart. And I was intrigued. I was intrigued by what musicians have tapped into. When someone plays an instrument or sings or composes a piece, they are connecting with the life force, with the very essence of life that exists. They tap into it and through their heart, allow it to flow. Their hearts become the instrument both physically and energetically that connect them to their internal music. They become open to listening to it, removing judgments that come from the mind and then they let it happen.

This feels so fundamental to being human. Artists of any kind seem to know about it: writers, painters, sculptors. But the wonderful thing about tapping into this inner-flow is that it is not limited to artists. Scientists, architects and engineers have connected to it. So have teachers and philosophers and chefs. Leaders and managers have tapped into it. And so have mothers and fathers. It is available to everyone in every moment, at any time of night or day!

Children, we shall all agree, make it seem so easy; they are completely tapped in.

What is it that they are tapped into? Like holding a palmful of sand, I will attempt on writing about something so intangible yet so palpable. Children are tapped into a never-ending supply of ideas, inspiration and a flow that is beyond limits. They seem to step-aside and let "it" speak, let "it" express through them. Isn't that why when we look into a child's eye, we see purity, beauty, grace and deep wisdom and so much more that is indescribable? When we look into a baby's eyes there is curiosity and there is love, isn't it? When they have an idea, they do it. When they desire something, they ask for it. When they do not like something, they express it. And children seem to know intuitively, (because it seems no one needs to teach them this), to accept others as they are. They are not judging anybody for who they are, on the contrary, with ease they accept people and how they are being. This is a direct channeling of divine love that does not judge, that does not have opinions. They are playing from the heart.

I am asking myself, "how can I play from the heart?". The first answer that comes to me is to trust the voice that I hear coming from the heart. Allow it time. Allow myself all the time that I need to let it flow. There is no hurry for anything to happen. Moment by moment, I am learning to allow life to be just as it is. To observe the paradox of events. To realize that there is no assessment needed. All that is required is to be a witness to the flow that is happening through me and through others around me. In loving what is, as Byron Katie says, we are at peace.

I am grateful for reconnecting with "playing from the heart". Thank you so much for reading this post today.

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With all my heart,

Sophia Ojha Ensslin is the founder of Reflection Pond, Center for Meditation and Healing dedicated to helping people connect with their inner-self to live a fulfilling, joyful life using introspective media including music, films and books, e-courses and training workshops.