not atoms

The Universe is made up of stories, not atoms.-Muriel Rukseyer

Here is a heart-warming story for you.

Last week, there were two days of rain and snow. The neighborhood cat we were feeding was totally drenched. Door to our home opened for him. He could now dry off and warm up. Though he knew us, he had not spent time inside our home yet. Cautious and curious, this cat made himself at home for the night.

This cat, we had learnt from the neighbors, is called Orlando, after the city in Florida. He is beautiful and all black. When the afternoon light shines on him, one can see a glistening silvery fur lacing the outline of his body. He is graceful and reverential. He carries himself with dignity that extends far beyond his being feline. His eyes are lime green, and when he looks at you, you know he is looking at your spirit. That's his glance to me.