new year

Prepare for 2013, now!

With the changing of the calendar each year, we are given a fresh start to steer our lives, enjoy our time and make a contribution. How will you harness the momentum, the dynamism and the impulses of a fresh year to transform your life?

There is a wave of thought that has a catchy phrase: Thoughts become Things. It is because of author and speaker Mike Dooley that this has become more and more popular. The idea is simple. What you think of, becomes your reality. So, if whatever we think about becomes a reality, then let us choose our thoughts wisely. As the new year approaches, let us set our intentions for our lives. Let us choose our thoughts and set them into motion.

I am a firm believer of taking action. What precedes action is reflection and conscious choices. This is where your time in introspection is necessary and extremely important. Because what you learn during your introspection session is what will help you become clear about what is really important to you and what you want to intend into your life. Next, this clarity will guide your action plan and you taking the action steps.

This is what I recommend:

1. Set aside a block of time for deep introspection. Take a day for this if you have been done this before. If this is your first time, allow yourself the luxury and the gift of three days. This is the time where you go deep into every aspect of your life and explore your values and your desires.

2. Meditate. Begin your introspection with a meditation exercise. Do a 25 minute silent meditation. Or pick a guided meditation to get you into your space. In your meditation, you can ask your subconscious this question: What is it that I want to create and intend in my life? Let the answers come to you. Write, paint, record in anyway you can, the information that you reveal. Do not judge. Just record.

3. Identify your Rocks. Rocks are your most important goals and desires in your life. Take each important area of your life and note down your important rocks. Look at your Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual parts of your life. Look at your roles as a husband/wife, son/daughter (in-law), brother/sister, and so on. Look at your career/business life and your financial life. 

4. Select 3 important goals in each of your roles that you want to intend and create in your new year.

5. Set you intentions. Write out in sentences what the completion of these goals feels like. And write these with a sense of gratitude. For example, you want to set an intention for your Emotional Life and you are a single person. Your intention may be something like this: Thank you for sending me a loving partner with whom I share my joy, who is a solid support to me and who makes me laugh. 

Remember to write these intention in a positive tone and in present tense. Write it out as if what you asked for has already happened. So in other words, you are thanking the higher power for the manifestation of what you desire as something that has occurred. 

Take this opportunity for a fresh start and go for what you desire. Your daily practice and regular introspection will help you in the manifestation of these goals.

And then visualize!!!