Intention for Today: Wonder

I intend Wonder to fill our lives today.

Awe. Wonder. Delight. Excitement. Laughter. Sparkling eyes filled with welcome surprise. Bristles of grass glowing in the afternoon sun. Whispers of the wind serenading through the streets. An avalanche of cloud gracing the expansive sky. Arrival of new love bringing even more tenderness into the home. Soft snow with angel wings.
Shimmering light adorn the trees.

May wonder fill your life today. 

With much gratitude to Wonder as you make our lives Wonder-ful!

Intention for Today: Wonder

Today's intention is Wonder.

May we spend some moments today in wonder. Let our eyes sparkle with wonder like that of a curious young child, full of enthusiasm and awe about our world. May we be filled with wonderment about the "little" things in our life. Let us open ourselves to wonder; to how wonderful everything is.

Thank you Wonder for showing all that is full of wonder.