Meet my Meditation Inspiration: Sunflower

Inspiration comes in many forms. For my meditation practice, Sunflower is my inspiration. Sunflower has a meditative quality about her. The way she emerges into a room and her presence says it all. She is undeterred by any sounds and noises that happen naturally around her. Her focus is that of extreme concentration. When she is sitting in her meditation pose, she will remain still for hours. Her attention is drawn inwards where she resides in a place of ease, comfort and joyful peace. 

When she looks at me, it feels like she is looking at something deep within me. Her glance is profound and kind.

Living with Sunflower is a daily, moment-by-moment meditation class. She inspires me to become still, focussed and at ease. To her gentleness and teaching-by-example, I am eternally grateful.