Meditation Retreat

Today I want to share with you the possibilities that exist to immerse yourself in a meditative lifestyle. The full immersion method is used as an effective teaching tool for example in language learning where the student is exposed to the new language constantly. This helps in faster and deeper adoption of the new language. 

Full-time immersion in meditation is also an amazing way to get into the practice. Spending an entire day, a weekend or even 10 days in a meditation retreat can jump-start your practice and bring you its benefits in dramatic ways. This is clearly more demanding than a meditation practice for 30 minutes a day. Nevertheless, the benefits that pour into the rest of your life makes it totally worthwhile. This means both a commitment that shows up in advance planning, and allocating the needed resources to make it happen.

Many meditation centers offer opportunities for extensive deep immersion meditation. Omega Center in Rhinebeck, NY has weekend meditation retreats, so does The Chopra Center which offers unique meditation programs all across the United States, Puerto Rico and in many other places in the world. If you are living outside the US, check out your local yoga studios, meditation centers, community churches or conscious living centers for opportunities. And share them in the comments below so more people can learn about them.

Consider planning a meditation retreat for yourself. It will be an experience you will embrace and the benefits will overflow into your every day living.