The intention for today is Release.

Today, release anything that you do not need. May it be a thought pattern, a behavior, a feeling, let it go. Just asking the undesired element in you to dissolve can do wonders. But first, you need to acknowledge its presence.

Thank you Release for making us lighter.

PS: Everything you are experiencing has a message for you. Dig deeper and ask, "what do I need from this?" Open up to receive the answers. Then, let go of all that is not wanted. Love yourself for having that which you want to release.

Intention for Today: Release

Release is the intention for today.

Release the superfluous. Release the extra. Release that which is no longer of use to your highest potential. Make room for new and fresh and rejuvenating, by release the old, the outdated, the draining. Let go and be.

May we release our grips on all that is harmful. May we release, forgive and be filled with gratitude.

Thank you Release for loosening the rigid.