Nature's Beauty

Don't use your body to hurt yourself

Don't use your body to hurt yourself

We look in the mirror. See our body. And we think that is all of who we are. We notice a change in how we look. And we feel bad because we don't like it. This is causes you stress and takes you further from feeling at peace and happy. In this article + video episode of the Happiness Forecast, I'm talking about the link between our inner-peace and how we look at our body. Because the state of our body is not who we are.

Intention for Today: Nature's Beauty

Today's intention is for us to admire Nature's Beauty.

May we be astounded by the beauty of nature. May the sky, the land, the water, the trees make impressions on our heart and soul. May the embrace of the cool air refresh our being. May the vibrancy of nature's colors nourish our eyes. May the smells of earth ground us. May the texture of grass under our feet tingle the sole! May the sands and the pebbles feel our weight. May we stroll lightly through nature's vast abundance. May we sip a little bit of nature's splendid nectar.

Thank you Nature for your magnificent Beauty.