You Are Enough.

The Mind Chatter

The voices in the mind rage. Words strung into sentences float in the space of the mind. Words evoking emotions of imperfection, emotions of impatience, emotions of not having arrived. The deluge of these thoughts takes a toll. Waking up in the morning begins the flow. Going to bed at night pauses the flow. Then, you realise that this constant bombardment of notions is not really serving your highest good.

I remember times when the mental chatter was painful to the extent that it led to a consistent feeling of sadness, inner pain and lack of enthusiasm. For the smallest thing that I did or did not do, this strange inner voice would comment, criticise, complain and scold. Although, today the voice is not so loud and not so incessant, I still encounter moments where I am flashed with this bright stadium light of inner critique, harsh, cold and blinding light. Then it dissipates. I have then moments to breathe and live with a sense of relief.

I Am Enough

Today, I listened to a conversation by Hans King as he was being interviewed by Lisa Garr of The Aware Show. The conversation was full of highlights and insights that deeply resonated with me. Hans reminded us this undeniable truth: You are Enough. It resonated with my very core.

It resonated with me because to hear those words, "You are enough", felt like the chains had been dismantled, the pressure had been released and I was floating in a nebulous wave of relief and joy. He said, there is nothing you need to do, nowhere you need to go. When Lisa asked Hans, so how does our goal-setting and strategizing play into it, Hans replied that we can still do it all for the experience of it. Wow!!! We do all our goal setting, aiming for change, creating new things, making a difference, all for the EXPERIENCE of it. That feels really liberating. I don't have to do any of this. But I CHOOSE to do all of it; because I want to have the experience of the creating, transforming and changing. The pressure is off. The cage is open. The dams have been broken. The bird is set free. The river can flow freely.

Setting the Intention

Another insight that I take from the convesation is about setting Intention. Hans said that our intention matters the most, even more than our deeds. Each day, we can set an intention for ourselves, for our life and become clear about why we are doing something and for what purpose. Ultimately, he says our purpose is to be of service to one another. And that was so beautifully and profoundly said. I have often searched and enquired about my life's purpose. Through the introspection, I have become clear about my dream and my vision that I want to manifest in this lifetime. Yes, that is all there. Yet, when it comes down to it, the fundamental purpose of my life is to be of service. So there you have it. The confusion is dissolved. The mystery is demystified.

Ask and You Shall Receive

Many teachers of consciousness have spoken about this. When you need help, you ask for it. It is your responsibility to ask for guidance, to ask for help, says Hans. I know for myself that only recently have I come to understand this concept and I am learning to live it fully each day. To actively ask Life, the Universe, the Spirit Guides for help and guidance is something I have done only as a LAST RESORT! Yet, it is becoming more and more easy for me to ask, to request for help. This process of asking for help, also puts me in a state of gratitude. I become aware of the blessings that are in my life and how I am constantly being shown the path, and assisted along the way. The state of gratitude is what raises my vibration immediately. One of the most powerful ways of feeling good and living fully, for me, is to feel the emotion of gratitude and appreciation.

Thank you Hans King for so eloquently presenting these insights which have spoken straight to my heart. Your wisdom, your openness and your service to humanity is deeply appreciated. I thank you for taking the time and having the conversation with Lisa Garr.

I have been listening to Lisa Garr's show for some years now and I express my deep gratitude to her for her candid, authentic self as she poses the questions and shares her life on the show. She has a soothing, relaxing voice that reminds me of cozy afternoons with pillows and hot tea and loving friends chatting away about life and the Universe. Thank you for bringing to me rich, vibrant conversations with the Gurus and Teachers of our time who have committed their life to serving the expansion of human consciousness. Thank you, Lisa.

You can learn about Lisa's show here: The Aware Show. And you can learn about Hans King by exploring his website here.

Meditation Books I Love: Part 1

As you embark deeper on your journey to meditation, I would like to share with you a couple of books on mediation.

1. "Wherever you go, there you are" by Jon Kabat-Zinn:  I recommend this book because it is composed of small chapters that you can read and incorporate the wisdom into your life bit by bit. The chapters are 2-3 pages long only with a practice at the end of the chapter that provokes your thinking. I also love the anecdotes that Kabat-Zinn shares in this book. Take a look and enjoy. Here is also a video review of the book that I did on the book.

2. "Turning the mind into an ally" by Sakyom Mipham: I have a special connection with this book. When I was living in New York, I visited many yoga centers and buddhist centers. One day, a friend of mine, Nancy and I walked into a meditation center in Manhattan. We began talking with one of the volunteers who was helping out the center in the daily running of the place. We chatted a little and I asked him about the book he was holding in this hand. It was this lovely book with a white cover that had an eloquent script for a title. He explained to me how this book was influencing him for being more in tune with his inner world. Then, as we were leaving, he said to me, "Here you go". He was handing me the book. I gave him a surprised, joyful glance. He said that this book belongs to me now. This kind gesture was truly heartwarming and even after so many years, this gift from a "stranger" is a source of warm feelings.

I have read this book with great gratitude and joy. In the reading of this book, I have gained a sense of peace. The author offers an intimate view of meditation and in the way he describes what happens to us when we are meditating, is simply eye-opening. He uses the analogy of a horse to describe our mind, an analogy that clearly brings to me the message that meditation needs to be a practice done daily. Only then can we train our mind to become our ally. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is serious about changing their habits, improving mental health, and refining their concentration and sharpening their sense of focus and clarity.

A few moments of mindfulness make a world of difference. -Sue Patton Thoele

Thoele is referring to mindfulness in everyday life that brings us new perspectives on almost everything. Here, mindfulness can mean sitting in meditation with eyes closed, focusing on the movement of our breath, focusing on a mantra or simply witnessing what is. Yet, it can also mean bringing our attention to each moment in a new, refreshing and active way regardless of where we are and what we are doing or how we are being.