Life as a Meditation

Well, we have heard of sitting meditation where we set aside part of our day to settle our "monkey-mind", to calm down our mind and tap into the emptiness, or the vastness of the subconscious. The effects of this meditation practice certainly pours into the rest of our day. It affects positively our mind, our outlook on life and our physical health and vitality.

Now how about taking meditation into the rest of the day? What if we could meditate during all the waking hours? And how about doing that without sitting and being for that entire time! If we can take the principles and teachings of our meditation practice into our engagement with the world, then our entire life would become a meditation practice.

How to do it? Try this as an experiment. We are bringing complete focus to whatever we are doing or however we are being in the moment. For some this can mean dropping the temptation of multi-tasking and focussing on one thing. For others, who require multi-tasking in order to be completely present (emergency health professionals for example or a one-man musician playing the drum, the harmonica and the guitar!), becoming acutely present in the moment to fully give themselves to the task at hand.

Try this for half a day or an hour. Whatever you are doing, do it with utmost focus and concentration. Become aware of all the thoughts that emerge that may not be necessary at this moment. Let them be. Let them dissolve. This can be the moment when you drop into flow, become open to intuition and allow your creative energy to flow into that which you are doing.

Let our lives become a meditation.

Waiting room meditation

Living in a community means using services with fellow human beings. In our fast-paced life, this becomes a source of impatience and annoyance because this means waiting in line to be served. Whether it is at the doctor's office, at the Post Office, or at the grocery store! This may be standing in a queue at a ticket booth or at a bookshop or at your favorite store.

One other place where a lot of waiting happens is at convergence points, such as train stations, on the road, bus stops and at airports. Airport waiting can often be frustrating especially when there is no clear information available about the departure or arrival of a plane.

All of these occasions are great opportunities for meditating. Sitting at the Airport Terminal, just close your eyes and take a few minutes of space, extracting yourself from the "waiting" and transplanting yourself to "being" status. If you prefer, you can keep your eyes half closed or even open, looking at a general area in the distance. When standing in a line, you can maintain your alert mode and bring focus to your breath. This practice also helps you to be in the moment and shift from an impatient waiting mode, to merely being, observing, enjoying being alive.

Remember that meditating in a public place means you find a spot where you can be secure and safe. Then while meditating, you allow yourself to become acutely aware of your environment. Sounds and vibrations become more apparent to you in this state. 

So give it a try. And next time you have to wait anywhere, think of it as a divine gift to be present, a chance to tap into the vast ocean of consciousness.

Cool way to calm your mind. New Program!

7 Week Visual Journey Meditation Program

Learn to meditate without getting all tangled up. This is a cool, fresh way of calming the mental chatter and getting more focused. Hosted by a young, Indian-American who found her true calling through meditation, you enter the anciant meditative practice with the help of someone who has been through the challenges of calming one's mind. Sophia makes meditation fun, helping you to just relax and design your own world of love and joy. You can lay down or sit on a chair or get cozy on cushions. You light tea lights to set the tone, sip chai or warm apple cider and ease into the meditation with cool, uplifting group of people.

In the seven weeks, you will have your own unique practice that you can go to anytime of the day and night. After the first session, you will be showerd in loving light that will help you get in touch with your deeper self. By week 3, you will already feel a profound difference oozing into every part of your life.Your left and right hemispheres of your brain become more and more harmonized. You feel your body becoming healthier and stronger. Your sense of clarity and focus deepen even more. These are just the beginning of the possibilities for you.

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Still your mind and relax your body. Come through places of peace and places of nature. Fly high in the sky like a hawk. Run through a pond like a jaguar. Sit underwater or swim like a dolphin through a flame or dissolve into a cloud. Bring yourself into a world of imagination where anything is possible.  Strengthen intuition, sharpen focus and flow with your creativity into an inspired 2012.

Live Cello accompaniment will be offered by Cristof Ensslin. As Cristof plays his Cello, you will find yourself floating in worlds of your imagination, with his delicate string-plucks as well as long and graceful bow moves.

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