The Philosophy Behind The Happiness Forecast​ Video + Blog Series ​

The Philosophy Behind The Happiness Forecast​ Video + Blog Series ​

In this article, I will walk you through a first step on the path of happiness which is setting an intention for it. But before we get to that, I would like to show you what you can expect and what the philosophy that it is based on and to share what benefits you can expect on your journey to living a happy life, so that you can truly benefit from every episode and every post.

Power of Positive Intention. What do you intend each day?

An important aspect of a positive mind-set is positive intention. Intention-making has come into the mainstream thought intensely in the last few years both in the spiritual growth realm as well as personal development arenas.

What is positive intention, in short? It is not that complicated. Basically expressed, with positive intention mind-frame, we set an intention for our life. It is completely trusting the higher forces, but even more importantly, completely trusting the deep wisdom and peace within you. It is about having full faith that things are working out beautifully. When you have this frame of mind, you let go of the worries and the anxiety of your ego-mind. You are at ease, with yourself and with the world. Isn't that a beautiful "side-effect"? Infact, it is an absolutely beautiful main-event. 

So how do you do it? Very simple:

Daily Intention: Take time each day to set an intention for the day. It can be something like this, "I intend to have a joyful, fulfilling day". Start off with one thing that you would like to happen, something related to your desired effect. It may be something like this as well, "My intention is for an effective, harmonious and successful meeting for all people involved." It may be an intention for the world, "May all living beings be in peace". It can be anything you want to happen or create in your life that is for your highest good.

The idea is to intend positively. You may soon find that your intentions are indeed materialized, as I have found and become aware of in the last four years, ever more each day. It is a beautiful, powerful exercise that sets an upbeat, positive tone and mood to your day and your life. And before you go to sleep at night, you look back at the day and realise that your day has turned out just like your intentions set in the morning or even more than what you intended for!!!


Japan needs Power of Masses

Countless scientific studies are piling up to demonstrate that the human mind can influence things with our thoughts, especially when a large group of people come together with the same positive intent.

Lynn McTaggart, the author of books such as "The Field" and "The Intention Experiment" sets out to do the share these stories. It makes one really wonder to what extent we can use our mind to alter, change and improve things.

At a time like this when the people of Japan are in such tremendous need of recovery, we can do a lot more than donate. We can come together and set our intentions to help the speedy recovery.

I am coordinating such an event soon. More details coming up right here on this page shortly.