Follow Your Heart

We often make things more complicated than they are. Thankfully, this quote from the lovely book, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, puts it down in a nutshell. And it makes things simple in a profound way. When we follow the messages from our heart, the experience of life becomes that of love, adventure and peace. The heart makes it really easy for us too. It will give you signals of ease when you are headed in alignment with your path and a clear signal of unrest and discomfort when you are not doing what is good for your highest self. We have this compass, in grained within us, in our bodies. We were born with it. And right now as you are reading these words, become aware of your heart. Just take a moment, close your eyes and bring your attention to your heart. And then continue reading.

Following the wisdom of our heart has not been so fashionable in our society. At times when someone does what they love to do or is inspired to go for something from their heart, our society has given them even more challenges to overcome. To people around us who are not used to seeing such "bold" behavior- behavior that goes against conventional ways of being, it can seem very threatening. And in the past, we may have hesitated to do what we felt was right, out of respect for others or out of fear of being ostracized. Yet, when we stray away from what our heart wants, it is we who lose respect of ourselves and when done consistently, we may take up distractions, in the form of habits and behaviors, that helps us forget all those moments when we didn't listen to our heart.

Our society is changing rapidly and welcoming more and more people who follow their heart. And it is never too late. Following one's heart can begin at anytime, at any age, on any day. It can begin with baby steps or with big bold mountain steps. And we don't need to beat up ourselves for those moments in the past when we did not do what we were called to do. Every thing, every action or inaction, is in alignment with some cosmic purpose. All your life's experiences have prepared you to arrive at this moment. It is in this moment that we can now creatively channel our life's inspirations and our heart's callings. So heed the messages. Follow the omens that are laid on our path, as The Alchemist reminds us. Listen to your heart and you will find the treasure there!



The Intention for Today is Heart.

Like the butterfly, who follows the scent of the flower.
Like the sunflower, who follows the rays of the sun.
Like the stream that knows only downhill.
Follow your heart, to find the treasures within.

Thank you Heart for showing us the way.

PS: Take the message from your heart with grace and you will always be on the path to your bliss.