Reflection Quote 004 : Goethe on Focus and what matters most

Reflection Quote 004 : Goethe on Focus and what matters most

This eloquent quote puts it succinctly. That which is most important to you cannot be left at the mercy of all that which matters least. In the hustle-bustle of life, we find ourselves putting out fires or just taking care of daily maintenance of our lives so we can function. Do this process to get to the core of what matters most.

Provided From Within.

This week's postcard and quote sets the tone for the four postcards for the month of April which are all around the theme of self-love and abundance. As I am revamping reflectionpond.com and adding useful products up on the site, I am naturally focussed outwardly. This quote by Goethe, points out so eloquently that our abundance and our wealth is within us. Teachers of consciousness will very clearly demonstrate to us that our consciousness creates our outer world. In other words, our inner life is what determines our experience on the sensory, physical plane.

Whatever you can do or dream you can do, just begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin now. -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

We, the Lehner's (Max, Caroline, Bernardo & Martina), are all positive-minded people and are especially pleased with people who think, act and feel the same. In our opinion, it is never too late to go for something that one wishes, dreams or believes to achieve. Never lose sight of your goals in life, whether concrete or abstract. And when these goals are derived from your inner self, they give you power and positive energy, and the challenge of new tasks fires you up. I am not just talking about career goals, but also about sports or private things that give us the necessary drive and the feeling of complete satisfaction, once they are achieved. It must indeed be no big "impossible" goals; let's start small and rejoice in mastering tasks, that we have given ourselves. 

My dream in life is to run a marathon. However, finishing a half-marathon would please me greatly for sure to start with. Bernardo would love to go to New York and run along with tens of thousands of others in the famous Marathon (what a beautiful dream...or goal). All things can be reached, if one is persistent and firmly believes in it. Caroline (11) is happy every time she has cleared an obstacle in horse show jumping, just to focus on her next practice session in which she can raise the bar an inch higher...step by step! Max (13) is facing his final school tests for 8th grade, and sets out to pass them with good marks - every day we are facing hurdles to overcome (like in the photo). To manage that gives us strength, drive and satisfaction - we feel good!

I once received a postcard from a dear friend along with the above quote from Goethe. It is on my desk, so I see it every day and delight in the words and their wonderful meaning which I try to implement in everyday life! Someone who thinks he or she has achieved everything in life, will eventually feel lost and unhappy. The one who says that none of their goals can be achieved will just as well end up miserable, because of not believing in his or her own abilities! In this case, our advise is to start "small", to set little goals and take it "step by step". That's because we think: "Where there's a will, there's always a way"; everyone can accomplish what they really want to! 
Courage, conviction and positive thinking are so important in life to achieve everything, that one has resolved to do! We are working on it every day...and you, dear Sophia and Cristof, do too, it shows! 
Greetings to the entire team of Reflection Pond! We all feel very connected with your philosophy and your work! We firmly believe in your success and are always open for a contribution!

Tanti saluti dalla Sardegna, Martina, Bernardo, Max e Caroline (incl. Lissy & Tinka) 
PS: This photo was taken in June of last year: riding lesson of Caroline; she really wanted to attempt and clear this obstacle - where there's a will, there's always a way!!

-Martina Lehner