Reflection Quote 002: Dreams are the seedlings of realities - James Allen

Reflection Quote 002: Dreams are the seedlings of realities - James Allen

What a loaded quote we have this week, from the British author James Allen. It is packed with tons of deep inspirational thought and in the next few paragraphs, I hope to unlock some key messages so that you can practically apply the wisdom into your life meaningfully...

Dream one size bigger. -John Maxwell

Can you think back to your childhood right now and think of your fondest memories? What did you love to do? And can you remember what you wanted to do when you grow up? Your Big dream? Think about it for a few minutes before reading on.

When I was a kid, I was interested in so many things. I loved making paper boats. I grew up in India and for three to four months of the year, the monsoon season would rage all its might. Opportunities to float the boat were plenty. We lived on the second floor of an apartment building. I remember making different paper boats and aiming each one at various puddles that had collected downstairs. And then, I would watch them race each other. I loved it. And I continue to have a special connection with boats and with water.

Intention for Today: Dream

Today's intention is to Dream.

Dream your best year so far. Allow yourself to get into that space from where all dreams are possible. Revisit the place of childhood within you who dreamt big and fully confident that it can become physical reality. Dream your best year so far. Dream your ideal life. What does peace manifest in your life? How does abundance look and feel like? Imagine. Dream. Dream away.

Thank you Dream for showing us the vastness of possibilities.