005: Guided Visualization to Tap Into Your Zone of Genius

005: Guided Visualization to Tap Into Your Zone of Genius

Welcome to Episode 005. In this episode of Intentions Manifested, we go on a visual journey with the intention: tap into your zone of genius so that you can be creative and inspired in all that you do. Also download the transcript and join the 5 Day Happiness ecourse.

Creative Expression

The Intention for Today is creative expression.

Today, I invite the creative energies to express through me in abundant, benevolent and magical ways. May I become the vessel, the vehicle that is pure and free to carry through that which wants to emerge through me. May creative expression find its highest form through and within me.

Thank you creative expression for flowing your energies through me.

Guided Visualization Free Sample Track for Creativity

As promised, here is the meditation track I wanted to share for you to sample. Please feel free to share with me any feedback you may have on this visualization.

Wishing you a lovely time tapping into your creative fountain. Enjoy. Find a comfortable place and close your eyes. Make sure you have 14 minutes of full attention. Please do not listen to this while doing something else.

Here is the Visualization Meditation for Creativity. Duration: 14 min.



Visualization for Creativity

After the meditation we did last week for the Asheville based Music band, I was inspired to make a meditation track that focuses on tapping into creative energy. 

Creativity is of essence in every day life, not only for artists, performers, writers and creatives. Creativity ic channeled in relationship-building, peace building, project management, conceptual work and any other task which engages the human potential.

So I am very happy to share with you a meditation track which you can use at any time to tap into your creative energy. Come back to this blog tomorrow for the new track.

Intention for Today: Creativity

Creativity is the intention for today.

Today, let us create. Create something new. Create something refreshing, something beautiful. Create something that speaks to your heart. Create a mood of love and joy. Create art and music. Create a space that is warm and inviting. Create beauty, tenderness, color and rhythm. Create laughter. Create stories. Create. Create. Create.

Thank you Creativity for flowing through us.

Intention for Today: Creativity

Today, I ask for Creativity to fill our lives. May we find creative solutions to any situation we face. Let the energy of creativity paint our thoughts and actions. May we creatively navigate through the oceans of life. May we all feel and experience the boundless possibility that wraps us and when we give our creative minds the permission, swirls us through unknown places of pure joy and fulfillment. May we vibrate the fruits of creative communication and bring into this world new ideas that heal, inspire and liberate us all.

Breath of Creativity, thank you for enlivening our lives.