You're Enough by Cristof Ensslin

What we want and what we need
Mistaking a mansion for more than a shelter
When we guide ourselves by greed
Instead of love for life and the other

Darkness is the source of trust
Silence is the origin of calm
Space allows for understanding
When we love life and the other

Letting go of what we want
Lets us heal and flow
For broken as we all are
We're enough like the moon and its star

When we are and when we breathe
When we speak but not with words
When we listen not with our ears
We're enough like the moon and its star

-Cristof Ensslin. October 2nd, 2013.


Cristof Ensslin is the cellist and vocalist of the indie-folk rock band The Wilhelm Brothers based in Asheville, NC. Cristof loves to play the cello, to explore the beautiful mountains, and to spend time baking delicacies such as breads, cakes and other delights.  

Untitled by Asmita Barua

This place is not really my home,
I'm a homeless wanderer
a stranger in an unknown land.

I must leave one day
my soul will travel far away
what will I take with me?
Scent of my favorite jasmine flower,
my footsteps on a white sandy beach,
soothing sound of the ocean breeze,
a walk through the peaceful park,
on a moonlit night,
and memories that I left behind.

Dear Earth, how beautiful you are!
But one day, I must prepare
for the great journey into the unknown...

I'm simply a witnessing soul
and my soul will travel with me.

Breathing...oh what a joy!

Life oh so precious! a priceless gift
If time could only stand still....

- Asmita Barua, NY, NY

Metaphor for Life by Selah Allmond

The river though soft and gentle, may turn around the bend and be as rough and wild as the open sea on a stormy day. A bud waiting to bloom into an amazing and intricate flower with the help of the summer sun. Life is like a river. They are never quite the same and quick to change. We are like a bud and the simplicity of joy is like the summer sun. With the help of joy and hope we will bloom. Leaves floating in the river of life bob up and down; they are like our emotions.

This is a simple metaphor for life. 

-Selah Allmond, Candler, North Carolina. 

One Day by Asmita Barua

One day-
I'll come to you- invisibly...
When you lay asleep at night
to stroke your hair and kiss your eyes
while singing you a lullaby.

One day-
I'll enter your sweet dreams...
on a moonlit night
to feel your presence
your heart and your soul
and sing you a sweet love song.

One day-
I'll come to you silently...
when the stars seek shelter in the night sky
and whisper to you as you lay
the sweet words of love,
that I long to say.

- Asmita Barua, New York, New York.


Hello my name is Asmita. I'm just another soul sharing this beautiful place called earth, with you all. I feel blessed and grateful to be living where I am and feel fortunate that I'm sharing a tiny piece of my life with you all! A simple desire to pursue my goals, took me from Japan to Hawaii, then to California and eventually to New York, a place I now call home. Throughout my journey, life has bestowed on me with ample lessons.  Life is a beautiful journey and I treasure every moment of it. :) - Asmita Barua, New York, USA

Storm's of Life's Blessings by Kim Smith

When the rain pours down from the never ending sky
Do not wish for it to subside, be thankful for it could be the last time
When the bitter cold hits your face so hard you think it may break, remember Gods loving arms and you will no longer shake
When the pain hurts so bad you wish you would die, seek the wisdom to go beyond it and there you will touch the sky.

When loneliness threatens to swallow you whole, remember those you have touched so far, for they hold onto that memory when they are lonely too!

When chaos clouds your mind and the hustle and bustle of life gets you overwhelmed get upon your knees and thank God for that quiet place some do not have.

Our journeys are as many as we are open too- ohh the colors to describe them are like words to be said, profound and many...
Dark and bright just as the storms and blessings of life!

"He will cover you with his feathers and under his wings you will find refuge"- Psalm 91:4


"I strive to be a very humble and loving person. I love music and the way Jesus works through me to help others." - Kim Smith, Leicester, North Carolina

BELIEVE by Titus Yoder

                                                    Who will believe for those who cannot

                                                    Who will see life in death

                                                    Who will embrace death to see life

                                                     Who will be pierced and not cry out

                                                     Who will cry out to be pierced

                                                     Who will bleed golden oil

                                                     Who will speak for those who cannot

                                                     Who will listen for those who cannot speak

                                                     Who dares stand next to the seven lamps

                                                     Who sees with the seven eyes of God

                                                     Who will burn and not be consumed

                                                     Who will lay dead in the street for all to see

                                                     Who is ready for their testimony

                                                     Who will war out of weakness

                                                     Who lifts up the hands hanging down

                                                     Who is willing to bury sacredness in the ground

                                                     Who has discovered that the sacred is covered in dirt

                                                     Who will laugh when everyone is crying

                                                     Who will cry when everyone is laughing

                                                     Who can witness and not speak

                                                     Who can speak without witnessing

                                                     Who believes in morning at midnight

                                                     Who can be the wind-bent reed

                                                     Who calls to the wind, bend me

                                                     Who can kiss their personal betrayer

                                                     Who has the courage to be that betrayer

                                                     Who thinks that Christ comes in clay

                                                     Who can remember their dreams at midday

                                                     Whose visions are stronger than disappointments

                                                     Whose disappointments strengthen their visions

                                                    Who will travail until the birth

                                                     Who can give birth without travail

                                                     Who runs out to greet themselves coming home

                                                     Who has the audacity to ring their own hand

                                                    You can and I will, because we believe.

                                                    - Titus Yoder from Montana, USA