The Intention for Today is Commitment.

Today, take small baby steps as a show of your commitment to yourself. Your inner desires and dreams are wanting to emerge. Help them to flow from you in beautiful ways by opening up a channel. In your heart, you know what you need to do. Take a moment of reflection, write some notes down and then just do what you are called to do.

Thank you Commitment for helping us take the steps.

PS: In the moment of reflection, you may close your eyes and ask yourself, "what is wanting to emerge through me?" or "what must I do/ transform/ shift in order for my dream to manifest?"

Intention for Today: Commitment

Today Commitment is the intention.

We make promises. Promises to others and promises to ourselves. Today, let us watch our day, our thoughts and our actions. And let us fulfill our promises to the best of our capabilities. Let us keep our commitments, especially to ourselves. Do what you said you would do. Just do it. Show yourself how you respect the divine in you. Make the intention. Declare to yourself how strongly you commit.

It may turn out, at the end of the day, that you overcommitted. This is a great revelation. Learn from it. Recognize how you unfolded. Forgive yourself. Tomorrow, recommit. Make it a habit. Take these steps daily and help your integrity to blossom.

It may turn out that you fulfilled your commitments. This too is a great revelation. Learn from it. Recognize what enabled you to unfold in this way. Be grateful. See how you can contribute even more, in quality or in quantity. Tomorrow, recommit. Make it a habit. Expand your contribution bit by bit each day.

It may also turn out that you offered to this world something between fulfilled and unfulfilled commitments. Become aware of it. Read the treasure-filled lesson in that. Make a note of it in your mind, even better: in your journal. And see yourself blossom from the realizations.

Thank you Commitment, for showing us how to commit.