Charles Dickens

Trifles make the sum of life. -Charles Dickens

Reflecting on my life has proved amazing for me. I have come to understand how abundant our world is. There is so much for everyone. We took birth to create amazing things on our planet, to help each other grow and to give our gifts to this world in an abundant way. Abundance is the natural way of being. That is what creatures in the wild know and perhaps, that is why they seem to be so happy and seem to be "living in the moment". 


I believe that by enjoying every moment, by being joyful and happy with our lives, we are helping to make this world a better place, moment by moment. After all, life is given to us one moment at a time. Like a necklace of beads, a string of moments is put together. Each moment born with the potential to change my life and make me eternally happy. My new definition of success is this: to enjoy my life to the fullest and to live my life in the "now". No day! No the future! My life begins now, with this second. Each day I live anew. Fresh, curious, open. I experience abundance and joy and the beauty of nature in this moment.

One moment like this one added on to another beautiful moment plus one more amazing moment... all adding up to an entire lifetime.

-Sophia Ojha