Backstory: Poetry from the Heart


I would like to share something special with you. I want to share a slice of my journey. This journey is about me allowing myself to be who I am; specifically about my writing.

Since 1998, I have been writing poetry as a way of putting words to my experiences; to make them tangible in way I can touch them; and as a way to simply "bear" some of what I have experienced. A lot of my older poems were dark and disillusioned and because of that I kept them in folders, hidden from the world. Only recently (Spring 2013) have I begun to bring them out into the open, given them some light and read them again myself.

Today, I am experiencing intense joy and peace and live from that place of gratitude. And I know that the writing of what may seem as less-than-positive poems, has enabled me to emerge out into the light. Realizing that these poems have an extraordinary means of grappling with the events and occurrences of life and bridging seemingly illogical emotions to something that is palpable- tangible- I decided to not only read these myself but also to share them with you.

I am now giving these poems and my own journey, the rightful honor by sharing them with you. And that is why you see them here on the Reflection Pond website and in your Reflection Pond newsletter. The intention is that by sharing these poems they may help someone, even you, to emerge into your own light.

I will also be mixing in some of my newer poems that reflect the uplifting, peaceful experiences of life that emerge so beautifully through me these days. Thank you for reading, Poetry from the Heart.

Wherever possible, I will share with you the date of when the poem was written.

Love and Peace to you,