Abundance is the Intention for Today.

Let abundance into your life. How? Just know that all that you desire is right here. If a desire can emerge within you, the Universe can manifest that desire in to the physical plane.

Thank you Abundance for opening up so much for us.

PS: Think of Abundance as a state-of-mind and then see the shift that happens within you and for you.

Intention for Today: Abundance

The intention for today is Abundance. 

Put your abundance hat on today. Get into the mind-set of abundance. When you see a tree next time, remark on the abundance of leaves on it. Or when you walk in the grass, remember how flourishing and opulent our world is. Think of the handful of squirrels in the forest who have tons and tons of acorns and nuts and other delicacies to feed on - a seemingly unlimited supply of resources. That is the same with you. There is a seemingly unlimited supply of everything your heart desires. Tap into abundance mode today.

Thank you Abundance for giving us a world of plenty.

Intention for Today: Abundance

Abundance is the intention for today.

May we contemplate today on how abundant our universe is, how abundant our life is. Let us open up to the abundance that is already here. Let us allow feelings of abundance in every aspect of our being. May we see abundance everywhere our eyes fall. May we feel gratitude for the abundance in our experience. Let the abundance of possibilities free our minds and hearts.

Thank you Abundance for being here.