Surely joy is the condition of life. -Henry David Thoreau

These words of Thoreau point to a simple truth that we have all probably felt at times in our lives. Joy that comes with the birth of a baby. Joy in the coming together of two people in love. Joy of experiencing little, yet huge pleasures such as eating a cone of ice cream. Joy of knowing the universe is conspiring always for our growth and our awakening. Joy of breathing fresh, crisp morning air. Joy of ...(you complete this one)!

Joy is the condition of life, surely! Thoreau says this with such a deep knowing, utter confidence and certainty- which is exactly why I am drawn to this statement. Does he mean, that life can be full of joy, bliss, awakening- as a natural and constant state of being? Can we build a life that is permeated with the condition of joy while we lead human lives and doing all that involves being human? Can we hold on to the underlying condition of life- joy, just as Thoreau points out to us? 

Would you like to join me in a little experiment? For the next seven days, let us go through our days with Thoreau's statement ringing in our consciousness. Whenever you remember, say these words to yourself. Put this quote on a mirror or next to your bed. At the end of the week, look back to see how your thoughts, actions, experiences and perceptions are different, when you look at our daily life through this lens of joy.

Joy. Joy. Joy.

-Sophia Ojha