How to handle naysayers?

...and create positive environment?

You have begun talking steps to change your life for the better. You are making plans, aiming for the stars and taking action. But then, you talk about a new idea or your new life and run across naysayers - people who question and question and don't seem to get it. Or they bombard you with sharp negative comments telling you that it won't work or some version of that.  What do you do? I will show you how to handle such situations.

People who bring negative comments to you about your new idea or lifestyle can really suck the energy out of you, especially, when it is about how you should live your life. Of course, that's not their intention. They may even love you and be big fans of you but sometimes their words can be received by you in a harsh way.

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| First:
Realize it is not personal. This individual may say the same thing to the next person. So it is not specifically towards you, although it may feel like that. So, you can still love them and help them but not take on their viewpoints about your life.

| Second: 
You gotta set limits. Limit how much time you spend with them. Set a limit with them by clearly articulating your preferences. "Hey, I rather hear about something good that's happened in your life."

| Third: 
Realize that your world is mirroring back to you - you. Really become aware of your own speech. Notice where do you tend to stumble and speak think like: 

"I can't think I can do that."
"This is so hard."
"Things never work our as I plan."
"I am stupid."
or some version of negativity.

And then make it a practice to say positive things. Reach out for the positive.

"This feels hard and I know I can find a way to solve this or make it easier."
"It seems challenging and I know I can do it."
"I feel stupid but I know that I am actually a smart, bright girl/boy constantly growing and learning."

So, you see you haven't cheated yourself in thinking something is not what it is. If you feel stupid, it's okay, but don't stop there. Bring in a powerful affirmation to complete it.

| Fourth
Surround yourself with positive people.
Hang out with people who seem happy, working towards a worthy goal. Go to a meet up meeting of group that interests you. Get to know people who are taking initiative and doing things.

"Becoming exceptional means making yourself vulnerable." Denise Duffield-Thomas

So in the end, we just have to flick off the negativity off us like a duck shakes of water off here feathers after a swim. Know how to just shake it off! People will be who they are and sadly they are not even aware of how you feel as a result of their negativity, low-energy way of being. At that specific moment in time, they can't help it because they themselves are caught in it. And most likely they did not start of intending to be negative or hurtful.

So, it is best to just find a way to shrug it off. May be after a little cry because that's okay. But move on strongly towards your dreams and being who you are like the Irish actress Amy De Bhrun I mention in the video. Or like the Australian author Denise Duffield-Thomas whom I quote from her book, Lucky Bitch: A Guide for Exceptional Women to Create Outrageous Success.

Remember you are perfect and you are worthy of happiness and success. Don't let naysayers sway you on your path of creating a new life out of your design. Reach for the stars, stay positive and surround yourself with uplifting people and content as much as you can.

Scripts To Help You Set Limits In Conversations

Sometimes when we are in a conversation, we want to know the right thing to say to transition from a negative line of thought to a positive one. At times, you have to be the leader and lead the other person to more uplifting conversation. That's not always easy to come up with in the spur of the moment. But we can prep and train just like any presenter or actor does before a speech or a performance. To help you compassionately and politely express yourself, I have draw up some example scripts so you can use them one-to one or tweak them a little to suit your speaking style. If you would like this free two-page PDF containing the scripts on what to say to people who are loading negativity on to you, click the pink button below to enter your information and then download it.



So I hope that in this video + article, you have come to see that everyone who begins somethign worthwhile - a new project or a different way of living and experiencing the world, anyone who aspires for new heights for themselves and for their world, at times faces negativity, criticism and narrow-mindedness, on part of those around them or from strangers. The key is to be undeterred, to renew our focus and determination on the path we have chosen for ourselves and steadfastly move forward. This is your only responsibility to yourself - to believe in yourself - fully 100%.

Remember, your happiness forecast is looking marvelous, splendid and bright and sunny because you are taking happiness actions today.

Thank you for watching and reading The Happiness Forecast with me Sophia. See you next Sunday at 8 am Eastern.

Please share in the comments how you would  peacefully and compassionately deal with a situation where you needed to set limits and express your preferences to somebody who is imposing their negative outlook on your personal life.

May you have a happy, calm and peaceful mind.

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Resources Mentioned In This Video Episode + Article

1. Book: Lucky Bitch: A Guide for Exceptional Women to Create Outrageous Success by Denise Duffield-Thomas



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