New In-Person Meditation Sessions in Western North Carolina

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I am super delighted to announce that we will be holding live in-person meditation sessions in Boone, North Carolina starting in Feb 2018! Here's some more details from the Press Release.

Inner-Peace: Meditation for a Healthy Mind

Watauga County Public Library
140 Queen St, Boone, NC 28607.

Event Dates: 
Feb 17th, Mar 17th, April 21st and May 19th.
Event Time:
3pm - 4pm

at the Appalachian Regional Library.

Starting in February, 2018, Watauga County Library in downtown Boone will be offering a program of meditation and visualization, “Inner-Peace: Meditation for a Healthy Mind.” Local residents of all ages can come and learn how to take charge of their mental well-being. The program will focus on teaching daily practices to calm the mind and wash away the daily stresses, using breath awareness exercises and relaxation techniques combined with guided creative visualizations. These are skills that the participants can learn and use on their own in their daily lives. 

Inner-Peace is a monthly meditation program held in the Meeting Room at the Watauga County Library taking place on the third Saturday of each month, from 3pm-4pm. The dates are: Feb 17th, Mar 17th, April 21st and May 19th. It is hosted by Sophia Ojha Ensslin from, a long-time meditator and writer on topics of training the mind, introspection and creating inner-peace. It is part of the mental wellness initiative funded by various national level non-profit institutions.

This program is helpful for anyone who wants to learn how to deal with tensions at home or stresses from the job. It can be used by students to better deal with the pressures of student life. It can help people better cope with loneliness, physical illness, depression, irritation, anger and can help increase a sense of compassion, kindness and love towards themselves and others. It is beneficial to all groups ranging from moms and dads, professionals, students, the elderly and anyone who is interested in taking care of their mental well-being.

Meditation A Necessity Not A Luxury

We, as a society, are re-learning how to take care of our minds after having focused, for centuries, primarily on the body. Our minds are our most important asset and keeping it healthy and nourished is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

If every single individual in Watauga and neighboring counties learned the art of taking care of their mind, with simple daily steps, imagine how much more self-confidence, peace, productivity and helpful solutions we each could experience and contribute towards.

Taking a few minutes to meditate and visualize are powerful ways to wash away the mental anguish, hurt, irritations and anger that builds up in the course of the day ⏤ helping us live happier lives.

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