Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. -Lao Tzu

Going from one spot to another takes ages for a snail. Perhaps from the snail's perspective, it takes exactly the right amount of time. Seasons change at the right time. The rain falls when the time is right. The day turns into night exactly on schedule. The bees come out to pollinate the flowers when the flowers are in bloom. As per the timetable, the birds begin their migratory journeys into warmer or cooler parts of the world. Just when its time, the baby turtles come out of their shells and make their way to the ocean. Exactly on time, the baby bear goes on its own path, after being nurtured by mama bear exactly as long as needed.  

Nature knows its rhythms. Nature is its own clock. It accomplishes a myriad of things simultaneously; all without being in a rush or in a hurry.

As humans, our experience of time seems convoluted. First of all, the concept of time itself is enigmatic. 
When does it begin? When does it end? But even without dipping deep into the philosophy of time, we seem to be on wobbly feet when it comes to designing our life in full harmony. As our world is getting plump with new activities, more actions, more and more of more, we are constantly hopping from one task to another. I have just returned from a trip to the US last week and already I am scrambling to get a moment to reflect, as new things are screaming for my attention. 
Yet, there are a lot of things in our lives that simply happen "right on time". It seems magical how we have timely meetings with new people who have an impact on us. There is a kind of divine timing how our life and the events in it unfold.  
So can we tap into this harmonious cycle of time that Nature seems to embody so 
beautifully? Can we actively design our lives to be in divine harmony? At the least what I can do is set out my intention for a life that is on time, with empty spaces of meditative introspection and meaningful action.
I wonder how my experience of life would be when it is fully in alignment with myself and functioning on the principles of Nature. My intention is to create a way of living that is in divine harmony, is active yet balanced- a lifestyle that is rich with moments of introspection, flush with meaningful activity and garnished with joyful relationships with people. I intend to create my life that allows me to experience the phenomenal beauty of nature constantly and live my dream of being of service to people, making meaningful contribution in their lives at all times.


What are you thoughts on this? How do you experience time? How do you envision your life in harmony? What is your intention for your life? You are welcome to share your comments below.

-Sophia Ojha