Meditation + Short talk on the Fourth Hindrance in Meditation: Restlessness and Remorse

What a fun class we had today with our regular meditators and many new faces. We talked about ways the fourth hindrance in meditation shows up in our practice as well as in our everyday life.

Key takeaways:

+ forgiveness is the antidote to remorse and
+ contentment is the antidote to restlessness

I have a recording of today's session as well as a two page PDF handout as well. Take a listen as we share some laughter before and after the meditation session

Handout From Meditation Class:

Fourth Hindrance - Free PDF Download
When you click the link above , you can download and print it freely there.

Watch the Recording below:

Coming up Next Week:

  1. I will be doing live meditations on YouTube for two weeks starting October 1st. I will send you an email invitation to it on Sept 30th. In that email, you will be able to click a link to let me know if you want daily reminders.

    The live meditation will happen at 7 am Eastern and you will be able to interact with me live via chat. But if you cannot make it, you can watch/meditate to it any time in the day or night you like.

  2. The next in-person mediation class is happening on Tue, Oct 1st, 11 am at the Senior Center! We'd love to see you there.

Much love and peace to you,
Sophia + Cristof