Living Your Truest Life

What does it mean to be "in our dreams awake"? When I read this quote by Thoreau, I am reminded how critical it is to have a dream. A Big Dream, I might add! Even if one may think their time has gone, they are too old to dream or they are too young to make a dream happen, I think, A BIG DREAM is so essential. It is what keeps driving us to expand ourselves, grow out of our shells of comfort and dare to cross the river. It is the mighty flame that often remains alive as a tiny spark throughout our lives, until it is allowed to expand, grow and flourish in all its totality. And to those of you who think you are too old to dream, that is a statement that may be your comfort shell that you could grow out of, if you choose! 


No, it may not seem easy to do so. Giving birth and being born can be strenuous, time-consuming process. Yet, it is one of the most beautiful wonders of life. So, it may not feel easy or even fun to go through the process of engaging in your dream. You may even share your dream and may be you are encouraged to rethink your options. You may feel completely drained and exhausted from the current responsibilities of life and work and family and may not even be able to spare a moment to breathe. And that is exactly why, I encourage you to take time to reconsider how you are engaged in your life. What shackles are holding you down. What is preventing you from living your highest potential.


I myself have experienced such shackles. After giving it some thought, I can share with you some of my hurdles. For me, it is the fear of success. That is what it boils down to. Yes, success can be defined in as many ways as there are people. And one aspect of success for me is to live in the present moment fully. Another aspect of success for me is to be able to create in this world and contribute my talents and services for the betterment of our world, and living a financially abundant, prosperous life. And the fear that I have is that if I give my very very best, it will still not be good enough and I will not make it to where I want to be. And it is very interesting how this fear sneaks it lovely face at unexpected moments and sometimes out of nowhere, leaving me awe-struck.


I can imagine that if you have not already overcome your fears, you are also facing some nuanced version of a fear that underlines your actions. My first suggestion is to take time to notice what is driving the patterns in our life. Observe. Reflect and make notes. And then, take active steps to dismantle them.


You can ask yourself: What is this fear here to teach me? What message do I need to learn and transcend? And based on the answers that come, commit to taking 1 baby-step towards overcoming them. Yes, just 1 step. Do not worry about resolving the whole thing yet, because that can also be overwhelming. Just take that tiny action step which shows you what you would be doing if you do not have that fear. And this could even be the beginning of a rapid dissolving of this fear.


Thoreau says that "Our truest life is lived when we are in our dreams awake". I have had some tastes of what he may be referring to "our truest life". And I know that for us to constantly be living our truest life, we must live our dreams.





PS: Share with us what your fears look like and how do you plan on taking an action step to dismantle this fear.  Share your comments below or on our Facebook Page!