Our life is a mirror

Life is mirroring our thoughts & our past actions

The world is a mirror of our state of being. What we think about and say often manifests directly in the form of people and situations. In this episode, I will show you how you can actively change your environment by actively changing your thoughts, words and actions.

In the last episode, we talked about how to deal with negative people. I shared some scripts on what to say to set limits and how you can easily shrug off negative things people have said.

But how can we reduce and even eliminate negative things people say? Can we actually do it? Or do we just have to learn to deal with it?

The answer is: Yes. We CAN do something about it and the key to doing this is understanding how the world works.

You see, we live in a holographic universe which is highly interactive. Our world is a microcosm of a larger macrocosm. In other words, there is a pattern that is part of a larger pattern that is part of a larger pattern and so on. So if we want to change anything in the external pattern, we need to change something within us.

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See, we have got to realize that we are powerful co-creators of our world. And the world out there is a response to our world in here (inside us). The outer world is a mirror of the inner world. This is not me saying it. It is part of many an ancient wisdom tradition. You may have heard, "As above, so below" in western mysticism. Plus, modern scientists have demonstrated scientifically the holographic nature of the universe. Also, Buddhist philosophy talks about the outer world being a result of the seeds we have sown ⎯ in thought, speech and deed. We have all heard of the phrase, "As you sow, so shall you reap".

So, then if the world is a mirror of our inner world, any negativity you experience in your world is a reflection of your thought pattern, words and speech.

And this manifests in your life as critical bosses or  negative comments from strangers. It even manifests as an unclean environment, noise and pollution in your experience. It can also manifest as technology malfunction. It is all a reflection of you. No need to get scared here though, my friend. If you have heard this concept for the first time, you may feel - whoa! It's all me. I caused this? 

No, you didn't cause it. Don't blame yourself for what you have experienced. This is just how the universe works and now that you know this, you can actively and consciously use this knowledge and turn it into wisdom and change your environment.

It begins with noticing how and what you are saying;  as we spoke about in the Episode 004: How to handle naysayers and create a positive environment.

Let me give you an example: 

As a teenager and a young adult, I used to perceive my dad as highly critical. I perceived him to be unhappy with my choices and my progress in my life. This was not a good feeling and it caused me quiet a bit of stress. 

Then, I learnt about this concept of life-mirroring from several different sources. One day, it finally clicked in: my dad is just reflecting back to me what I thought about myself.

I was at a stage where I was not sure about my life. I was full of doubts about my entrepreneurial route. I didn't appreciate myself and often thought hurtful things about me to myself.

And this manifested as my perception of my Dad. I found him critical so much so that I would not even see any words of appreciation that he did say in his emails. I would just glance past it only to realize later that he wrote, "good job" or "I appreciate your help" or something along those lines.

I began to realize that I myself was critical of him. I would find fault in how he did things. I criticized him for criticizing me!

Clearly, I needed to change something! I set out to changing such actions.

1. I sent out positive thoughts towards him. I would say mini-prayers: May my mom and dad be at peace and be happy.

2. I started making note of all the good things he did for me - like introducing me to writing and showing me his awe and love for nature. I remember him admiring sunsets when I was growing up. 

3. Then, I began showing him my appreciation for anything I found wonderful about my dad.

4. I stopped criticizing him. Things that I wanted to criticize because I did not like them, I began to keep to myself and really observed those thoughts. And then, made efforts to find something good instead in some other area.

The result of doing all of this was amazing. I began seeing a change in how I experienced things. My interactions with him became much more pleasant, free of criticism and even filled with laughter. It was a big relief!

So now it is your turn.

Can you identify an area in your life where there is constant negativity? In what way is it a mirror of your thoughts, words, deeds and feelings?

Now identify the kind of things you can do to change that!

To help you do that, I have created a worksheet you can get by clicking the button below. This worksheet gives you suggestions on the kinds of new actions you can take.


And I'll leave you with this quote from an really powerful blog post, The second Universal truth: Your life is a mirror. It is by the author Michael Brown from New Zealand, who wrote among other books, Finding the field: an adventure of body mind and spirit.

"Deliberately and consciously work the magic of the life-mirror to your advantage.
What do you want? Do you want to be loved? Then love.
Do you want to be trusted? Trust.
Do you want to neutralise your enemies? Forgive them.

To be heard, listen. To be understood, seek to understand. To receive, be grateful. To make beauty flourish, actively seek beauty in your life, regardless of your circumstances. When we bridge life’s exquisite polarities, we become enlightened."
- Michael Brown, author of Finding the Field.

So I hope in this article + video, you have understood the secret, the law or let's say the principle of creating a world out of your design, recognizing that our world is a mirror of our inner world and how you can use it to change your life.


Please share with me how you have noticed how you became conscious of your thoughts or how you experienced your life changing as you changed your thoughts.

May you have a calm and peaceful life!

With love,


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