Imagination is the beginning of creation. -George Bernard Shaw

There has been a theme emerging in this month's weekly reflections. First, Eric Butterworth pointed out that our attitudes and thoughts are what design our life. This inspired me to take an inventory of my thought-pool and assess how the external manifestation of my life are in alignment with my values. Next, Mark Twain reminded us that it is up to us what we believe. Becoming aware of beliefs and thoughts that are running the show was the logical next step in this process for me. Now, the third quote for this month is from George Bernard Shaw who leads us into the exciting next phase and that is the creation of our life the way we envision it.


This phase is exciting because it opens up possibilities for the experiences of life that we can have and want to have. The potential for how we can design our life is exponentially infinite! So where do we begin? For me, this has several implications. 


First, I know that each day I can start afresh and anew. Each day showers on me unique, new experiences with open-ended "results". Leading from this knowing, is the un-attachment to results. I am coming to realize that not being attached to results is far from being passive and acting involuntarily. It is about giving your best to each moment and at the same time letting go of the outcome. In other words, being open to what may come. Since the universe is conspiring constantly in my favor, the "results" can only lead me to growth and to experiencing new dimensions of myself and this world. 


Secondly, designing from our inner core, life becomes unrelentingly juicy and multi-dimensional. How about we allow our imaginations to help us begin creating our life?


Imagination is not only fun but also liberating. It liberates us from the gravity of what we know as real and as possible, opening up avenues that never existed before. Imagination leads us to better and better versions of ourselves just like a high-definition TV is clearer, crisper and more dynamic version of the first black and white TVs from last century. How about we take on the activity of lifting all restrictions and all constraints on who we are and what is possible for us and create a brand new vision for our lives? This does not mean we need to drop all that is great about ourselves and start from scratch. We just take ourselves as we are and where we are and build from there. Let's see if new realizations and discoveries about our inner desires and dreams are revealed to us. We can start there. From that, we can cherry-pick and with complete attention design the vision we want for ourselves and create goals to bring us there.


Let your imagination give you wings.


-Sophia Ojha