How to use inner-peace techniques to solve business problems

How to use inner-peace techniques to solve business problems

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I've written extensively about creating inner-peace in our lives using meditation. Today, I want to share with you some inner-peace techniques that you can use in your business in order to nurture and grow it. You can extrapolate these ideas for applying it to an environment where you are employed as well. And I will have more specific articles for you as well.

The mirror

We all know that a business is a reflection of the people it is made of. How a business is run, how it's customers are treated and what kind of products and services it generates stems directly from the company's people, especially the leadership. This is ever more so true when you are small business owner or what is more and more common today, the solopreneur. (Solopreneur is a business owned by a single individual and perhaps a small team of freelancers). 

Just like life is a mirror of your inner mentalscape, so is your business. Your mindset and attitude towards life will directly affect your income; your impact and reach; and your sense of fulfillment you gain in your business. As they say, to create abundance physically in our lives, we must start with an abundant mindset. Similarly, to create a healthy and happy business, we need to have the right attitude towards our business. 

It all sounds really wonderful - change your attitude and change your life. But when the rubber hits the road, that's when we realize how difficult it is to implement this wisdom. When clients are being over-demanding, when your proposals your send out are coming back rejected, when your virtual assistant (VA) or teammate or business partner does a blunder, when your list is not growing as fast as you want or when your launch falls flat on its face, that's when emotions start flying. That's when stress and overwhelm begin. That's when feelings of, "I am not good enough" start arising. And this is when the seeds of self-doubt finds fertile ground to begin germinating.

Of course, with a daily meditation practice, you can help yourself handle business issues that arise with more calm, and more wisdom. But while you are building that habit and while the benefits of your practice accrue, it may take some time. So in the meanwhile, I've got some a simple tips for you, practical techniques that you can take up in different challenging business situations.

Inner-Peace Mental Technique:
Make peace with the business situation

I'd like to share with you an example from the real world that can help you see how to use this technique of making peace when a challenging situation comes up.

The Challenge
Let's say that your are a web designer and you've started on a project for a client. You've sent her all the instructions on what she has to deliver back to you. Logos, about page text, example of sites she likes, features she absolutely want and all the other little details are to be filled out by her. You've blocked out two weeks to do this when you are not taking up any other client.

But you notice that things are trickling in very slowly and the client is dragging her feet in delivering all the content. You begin to feel a bit nervous about completing the project on time and about this delay pouring into your next project. You send reminder emails but it is not happening. Now it's two days before the start of the project and you still have nothing. You begin to feel strong negative feelings for this client. You start getting thoughts of, "Ah, I wish I didn't have this project. Why is it so complicated to get going on the project! Ah, I never prepared for this situation and so I am bad and being an entrepreneur" and so on...

So this certainly a difficult situation any one could be facing in a business. You've set up processes to improve efficiency because you are a solopreneur and have hundred different hats on. But then here comes a client who derails all that by delaying on just one aspect of the whole process - the starting content you need to begin your work.

Bringing compassion to yourself and the others
All you can do at first is make peace with the situation. The first thing to do is take some deep breaths and make peace with the situation. What this means is that you don't fight what's happening but instead you accept it. Yes, this client is not sending me the info. You loosen up your thoughts towards the client. You also accept the feelings that this is causing in you. Yes, I'm feeling stressed about this. I feel my forehead tightening and my shoulders feel restricted. Bring awareness in this way to what you feeling emotionally and how your body is feeling that emotion. 

When a situation like this happens, there are a couple of players involved. There's you, clearly and then there's the object that is causing the stress or the problem. In this case it's the client and her delay. But it could be a tech failure, or low capital, or miscommunication with an assistant or a collaborator. Whatever the "other" part of the equation is, is the object.
So now what you need to do is to loosen up your mental energy towards that "other" object. In this case, you notice your thoughts towards your client - anger, impatience, frustration, even hurt and disappointment. By observing those thoughts, you begin to loosen their grip. And then you can actively send loving energy to the object, in this case the client.


The way to do this is by closing your eyes and imagining the client's situation. It may be that this client was always told by her family that she will never amount to anything and she's worked so hard to find a niche, and work nights and weekends on this side business while keeping a full-time job. Now she is finally ready to get visible and be found and hence, she's hired you to make her a new website. But her sabotaging thoughts are coming to overwhelm her and become her own obstacle to success. You recognize this as a possible cause for the delay and you remember times when you too have had to overcome your sabotaging thoughts. You realize how challenging that is and there, a light of compassion emerges within you. You send that light to your client. I understand you. I know it's hard. I believe in you. It's alright. You are good enough.

This way, you notice that you are not so upset about the situation. You have compassion for this client. Poor client, how challenging it is to get out of our own way. I understand this. I send you my good, positive thoughts. I send you peace.

How can I help?
Now you've truly loosened your energy towards her. You may find that as soon as you do this, you get an flurry of emails with all the information you need. Or may be that doesn't happen. But then, you've freed yourself of the negative energy this situation caused in you. And now are beginning to get proactive. You start thinking, "What can I do to help this client?" So you decide to give her a quick call to find out what's stopping her. You realize that she herself is waiting on your freelancer to deliver her the logo and she felt too embarrassed to tell you that because she wanted to deliver a perfect report back to you with all complete content. 

Now that you know this, you break things down for her and you tell her the least necessary items you need in order to get going on your tasks. In this case, since you know the color palette and fonts of the logo, you can begin work even if the logo is not complete. This moves the process forward at least and breaks up the stagnant status the project was long sitting in.

You can see how you've now made peace with the situation and saved yourself from further delays. 

But let's say, the client never returns any info to you and you really cannot begin on the project. In this case, you can comfortably tell the client that you will have to push back on her project at the next available slot as you cannot loose time waiting. And these two weeks that you had blocked off, you can now use for taking care of other parts of your business like organizational issues, financial updates, blog content creation, updates on your website, etc. You actually are grateful for this "extra" time to catch up on some things you had to put off because of client projects. And you can then regroup with the client when she is ready.

Making peace with what is, is a piece of wisdom that comes in really handy when you are running a business. There are other tools of inner-peace and equanimity, that you can use in your business to move forward, increase your revenue and have greater impact with your business. As they say, mindset is key for success. If you'd like to learn more practical techniques like the one I shared today, see examples of how you can use it and get live help on your own business mindset challenges, come to my free Live Masterclass. More information on how you can sign up is here: 3 Mental Peace Techniques You Can Use To Grow Your Business.

Look forward to seeing you there. 'Til then, rock on, my friend!

Much peace,

PS: Feel free to share in the comments one challenge you've been facing in your business which you know can be changed with some mental technique of dealing with it!