Happiness Forecast: Part 1 Recap + Next Steps

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In today's post, I want to take a pause and recap the last ten weeks of the Happiness Forecast which we began on July 10th, 2016. Each week, I have been bringing you a video + blog post + an introspective exercise to deepen your understanding of yourself and the elements that make up your own happiness.

Here is a quick list of all ten videos + blogs: 

Episode 001: The philosophy behind Happiness Forecast Series
Episode 002: How to define happiness
Episode 003: 5 ways to cultivate happiness
Episode 004: How to handle naysayers and create a positive environment
Episode 005: Life is mirroring your thoughts
Episode 006: You are allowed to feel like that
Episode 007: You are enough
Episode 008: Focus on your efforts and not results
Episode 009: Don't use your body to hurt yourself
Episode 010: Letting go of the need to know what will happen tomorrow 

Each of these videos comes with its very own introspective exercise. If you missed any, you may go to the blog post and look for the burgundy red button to click on where you can sign up to receive the corresponding PDF for free! :)

Below is a visual of all the videos on youtube:


I think that these 10 videos + blog posts cover some of the key steps on our path away from frustration, anxiety, sadness and other energy pulling states of mind to a more relaxed, peaceful and happy state of mind. The concepts I share in these videos have helped me in my own personal journey and I do feel that being aware of my thoughts and how I view the world is so important. Too often we get so busy that we don't take a moment to reflect and review how we are thinking about our life. Taking a step back and asking some important and difficult questions can open up some doors where otherwise things looked stagnant and hopeless!

So, the next couple of weeks, I will be taking a break from creating videos and blogs and going on a ten-day silent meditation retreat. Next Sunday you will see a brand new article that I have prepared for you to enjoy in my absence while I am at the retreat. It is about some useful tools that can help us on the journey of personal growth and development. (Watch this blog space and/or your email next week Sept. 25th).


If you want to watch any of the ten Happiness Videos, here is a playlist of all the videos:


In the meantime, I would love to know which topics among the ten Happiness Forecast videos resonated with you. Anything useful you found that you would like to share? What other kinds of questions around a happy life are you dealing with? Let me know and let's get a conversation going. I would be happy to hop on a skype call to chat with you informally about it and get to know what challenges and frustrations you are working to overcome. So, all you have to do is drop a comment in the comments below or write me an email here.

Thank you for being on this journey with me. I am looking forward to sharing new insights with you after my return from the mediation retreat.

May you have a calm and peaceful mind!



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