Finding the hidden dimension in yourself is the only way to fulfill your deepest hunger. -Deepak Chopra


Last week, we talked about designing our life from our inner core. Let us stay with that this week and look at some of the ways to get in touch with our deeper self.

We can take several routes to touch our hidden dimensions. One of my favorite routes is that of regular reflection. It is amazing how much we can learn simply by taking some time each month, each week and each day to reflect on our life. This is precious time spent alone that brings great clarity to our life. Journal writing is a powerful way both for releasing your fears and negative thoughts as well as touching that part of yourself that is pure and immensely vast at our core. Acknowledging yourself for gifts you have brought into this world makes you aware of what a contribution you are to this world. Expressing gratitude for the abundance you already enjoy brings you in a state of joy and appreciation for what is opening you up to greater expressions of abundance. Spending time with animals or being in the midst of nature whether it is near the beach or in the woods or in a park or the neighborhood flower shop brings us very quickly in touch with our own true nature. Laughter is indeed the best medicine helping us to release and let go. And finally, meditation, even 15 minutes daily can change your life.

Engaging in a single activity that you enjoy with one-pointed attention is a form of developing your mind such as cooking or playing music or dancing, gardening or painting or doing sports. This only helps your overall mindfulness training. Consciously breathing a few times during the day and going for a short walk opens you up. Exposing yourself continuously to mind and heart opening people and books or audio-visual material is another way to keep the stream of healthy influences coming your way.

These are some of the myriad ways of coming closer to your essence. These practices show amazing fruits when done consistently, so doing them regularly is vital. They help you feel grounded and more at ease about who you are. You are then able to take an active role in designing your life so that you can live to your highest potential.

The above quote from Deepak Chopra is simply beautiful. It brings us to the essence of living a life of joy and fulfillment by showing us which door to open. This door is none other than that which brings us to our inner core. That is what our entire life is about, it seems: unlocking our hidden dimension. Bit by bit, we peel away layer after layer to get to the juicy core of who we are. We take this journey to find out that the dimension of ourselves that is hiding is the deep, vast dimension of love. Next month, we will dive into this dimension with four reflections all revolving around Love!