Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed on an equal or greater benefit. -Napoleon Hill

I wonder how it is to forgive one self.


There are hidden treasures within every difficulty and disappointment. All our problems have the seed of a solution within it. From failure comes the fruit of success. These statements seem so powerful- full of potential to carry us in our dark hour. Yet, they can seem so distant and ungraspable. At this moment, as I reflect on Napoleon Hill's words, this is how it feels: I am looking out at the distance in front of me, I can see lovely mountains and skies before me. I see the magnificence and can feel it in my heart. Yet, I do not comprehend it. There is a sense of awe about the scene and a sense of hope that the mountains represent. In a similar fashion, the statement of Napoleon Hill rings true in my heart. Yet, understanding it and making use of it practically in my life seems to allude me.


When an event happens that my ego-mind is not happy with, it labels it as adversity. When a goal is not accomplished within the alloted time and desired results, it becomes a failure. When someone you love and respect seems to completely misunderstand you, it becomes heartache. Where is the benefit in that? How do I harness the wisdom in the statement so I can live my life more fully? 


I know for right now, I need to love myself. Take several deep breaths and allow my mind-action to come to a rest. Tomorrow is another day: just as the mountains represent hope, this quote carries me forward, trusting that what seems like an adversity right now, is the basis for new growth.

-Sophia Ojha