Create Your Happy New Year!

The New Year brings the energy of a fresh start. Like turning to a crisp blank page in your notebook or walking on untouched sand or making the first brush stroke on a blank canvas, we have a brand new year to do, create and be that which we want. Resolutions and plans are a great way to anchor those new goals. And I certainly have done my share of those in the past. But it has not always worked for me because the focus of those goals was too much on an end result and nothing else. 

Instead, this is what works for me: 
Starting with the question, "How do I want to feel in 2019?", I journal whatever answers come up. Then, from there I identify what action steps will help create those feelings for me. And then schedule it as a task in my calendar which puts focus on what actions I will take rather than the end result I am aiming for. When you take those actions on a consistent basis, you start to get inspired, you build your confidence and enjoy the process. And often, you enjoy the process so much that the end result becomes irrelevant. This lightness about it all then makes it all the more possible that your goal, the end result you are wanting to create, actually comes to fruition in your life.

Putting it into action:
For example, one of the things that came up when I asked, "How do I want to feel in 2019?" in my recent introspective break was this: "I feel that my home is utterly neat, clean, bright, minimal and streamlined". Then I ask myself what action steps will I need to take because a neat, clean, bright, minimal and streamlined home will not just appear to me sometime magically in the year! I wish ;-) Well, the answer was: On Saturday mornings, take an hour or so to clean out the pantry and for caring for the home. Now this action step goes straight into my calendar as a weekly action step. And each time, I complete that task, I will get the feeling I was going after in the first place. This then goes on to have a cumulative effect week by week which will result in a continuous feeling that I want for my home.

This was an example from my personal life but I apply it also to my business, my health, my creative aspirations and any other aspects of my life that are important to me.

Here are the steps again:
1. Ask, "How do I want to feel in 2019?" Write down your response.
2. Ask, "What action steps will I need to take to help create those feelings for me?” Write down answers and pick one or two tasks.
3. Schedule it in your calendar as a daily, weekly or a monthly task (or even an annual task - ex. big family reunion). 
4. Repeat it for all aspects of your life that are important to you.

The most important step: Step 5
What I love about us humans is that we are constantly wanting to change things, make them better. But what I also have noticed about myself and others is that in this quest to make things better, we become so caught up that we forget one thing. And that is to be kind to ourselves. Making resolutions and plans and action steps is all great but if you will beat up yourself at every missed step, then you are not being kind. I'd rather play the piano really badly while being kind to myself than be a piano virtuoso who is impatient and unkind to herself, you know what I mean? So please remember that if you skip the gym or miss your daily commitment to journal (or whatever action plans you've chosen for yourself), just brush it off, consider it a learning lesson and start fresh again. Each day is the first day of your life - we don't have to wait for the next new year's day to start again! ;-)

Be kind to yourself and create a happy new 2019!!


Want to meditate with me in Boone? We have new dates for a monthly event.
I am super excited to announce that the Life Long Learners' group in Boone, NC has arranged with the Lois E. Harrill Senior Center to host a monthly Meditation + Presentation event! Here are the dates we have confirmed and I'd love to meet you there. The events are free of charge and during each event, you will participate in a guided meditation, hear a short presentation on the topic of the day and have time for sharing your personal experiences. 

Time: 2 pm - 3 pm, 4th Wednesdays
Venue: Lois Harrill Senior Center, 132 Poplar Grove Connector # A, Boone, NC 28607
Cost: free to the public


Jan 23rd, Wednesday:  Starting Fresh - Why you need a daily meditation practice and 5 steps on how to set it up in your life.

Feb 27th, Wednesday: Practice of purification of past negative karma. 

Mar 27th, Wednesday: Understanding the Buddhist concept of impermanence, Karma, and breath meditation to deal with physical pain.

Apr 24th, Wednesday: Living wisely today to experience a peaceful death - whenever it happens.

May 22nd, Wednesday: Putting Meditation into Perspective - Understanding Buddha's Noble Eightfold Path to Enlightenment.

PS: If you want to check if the Center is open or not during inclement weather, please call the Center at (828) 265-8090.

See you there!